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European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward


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Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Welcome to the homepage of the EAASDC, the umbrella organization of the European clubs,

doing Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging and Contra as a hobby. Here you find a directory of all registered clubs including direct links, an event calendar, a service area for clubs, an area for dancers as well as general information about Square Dance

Have fun dancing.


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January 2019
19.S15. MCG Student PartyFlyer85221 DachauB, RDTamara Twirlers RDC München e.V.
Leader: Toni Sedlmayr,Markus Gensberger,Frank Meyers, Klaus Völkl,Angelika Kiendl,Martin Prüfer,Stefanie Christian
19.SDive-InFlyer91301 ForchheimMS, PLUSDancing Trouts SDC Forchheim e.V.
Leader: Michi Unterberger; MC: Walter Luger
Max Reiner 09194 - 722 543 oder 0157 - 522 659 25 bzw. Günter Alt: 0175 - 69 88 747
19.CCNClubabend mit Graduation unserer Class
67227 FrankenthalRDHappy Foot e.V.
Leader: Stefan Burger, Johanna Burger
+49 6233 1258779
19.S25. Stuttgarter Student ConventionFlyer70563 Stuttgart-VaihingenBASIC 30, ROUND Level ABroken Wheels e.V.
Leader: Robert Kutz
Christiane +49 177 302 18 75 / Michael +49 71 44 84 95 95

February 2019
01.-03.S20. Country- & Western - Dance 2019
30900 Wedemark, Alte Zollstraße 33CLOGGING Easy-Int bis AdvancedClogging Turtles Hannover e.V.
Leader: Sandra Pohlmann und weitere
Event abgesagt / cancelled.

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The data published here serve exclusively for the purpose of the association, namely “the cultivation and promotion of dance sports in the form of American folk dancing, in particular the American Square Dance and related dance forms” in accordance with § 2.1 and § 2.2 articles a-e of the constitution of the EAASDC e.V.

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