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European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward



EAASDC Data Protection

Andreas Macke
Certified data protection officer
certified data protection auditor
(PersCert TÜV)
14195 Berlin
Mobile: +49 177-3015244

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Data Protection data.protection(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Data protection officer of EAASDC (task according to paragraph 39 GDPR).
  • Contact for EAASDC members for questions and assistance regarding data protection

The board of the EAASDC e.V.


Wolfgang Daiss
 Aeussere Gasse 8
 73571 Mulfingen
 Tel: +49 179 76 42 59 

Opens window for sending emailEmail to President president(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Management of the entire board
  • Lead the entire organization regarding strategic planning and orientation
  • Contact to other national and international Square Dance organizations
  • Collaboration with GEMA
  • Contact for control committees and, if applicable, other committees and commissions according to responsibility and task
  • Contact for Jamboree committees
  • Monitor and update Statutes and By-laws


Stefan Burger
Frankenstrasse 21B
67227 Frankenthal

Tel. / WhatsApp / Telegram /Treema: +49 157 55 23 76 11

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Vice President vicepresident(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Substitute for and support of the President in internal affairs
  • Control and coordination of internal processes and co-operation of the different functions after consultation with the President
  • Control/coordinate the EAASDC project "Dance in schools"


Robert Kremsner
Kanalstr. 2-12
91522 Ansbach
Tel. +49 160 960 39 564

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Treasurer treasurer(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Monitor and control the financial standing
  • Establish and supervise the annual budget
  • Responsible for all financial matters of the Association ensuring the basic principles of commerce and accounting
  • Prepare the annual financial statements
  • Monitor fiscal basics of the German Tax Code regarding all financial matters of the Association and draw up/maintain relevant instructions and policies
  • Establish and keep appropriated accounts and establish/maintain a plan of accounts
  • Win sponsors and supporting members
  • Contact for the tax and finance committees


Andrea Zingler
Kanalstrasse 2-12
91522 Ansbach
Tel: +49 170 76 68 95 5

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Secretary secretary(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Receive applications for membership and give support until regular membership
  • Central registration and maintenance of membership data, decisions, minutes, correspondence, forms, etc. using EDP
  • Template management
  • Inventory list (after consultation with the treasurer)
  • General secretarial duties
  • Archiving
  • Editing the directory

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Member at Large: Support for Members

Andrea Lang
Stoeckachstraße 61
70190 Stuttgart

Email to Support for Members support4members(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Contact for membership issues
  • Support and assistance for members
  • Responsible for the execution of member-related tasks of the Board
  • Represent membership issues towards the Board
  • Friendship badges
  • Address labels

Member at Large: Public Relations

Until further notice Andrea Lang, support for members, will be in charge of PR-duties

Opens window for sending emailEmail an Public Relations

  • Develop, and support of the EAASDC dance forms and groups after consultation with the entire Board and the member clubs
  • Advertising and public relations of EAASDC, contact for member clubs for this sector
  • Create and implement marketing projects for the EAASDC and member clubs after consultation with the entire Board and the member clubs
Dance forms: Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

Member at Large: IT-Service

Reinhard Gojowsky
Reuther Strasse 57a
91301 Forchheim
Tel: +49 9191 35 13 53 0
mobile: +49 151 20 64 56 98

Opens window for sending emailEmail to IT-Service it(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Electronic support for all departments
  • Central electronic administration after consultation with the functional departments
  • Maintain modern forms of communication internally and externally such as internet presence (closed areas), forums, chats, telephone conferences, etc.
  • Implement electronic voting forms
  • Contact for the IT technique committee and various IT-related committees e.g. webmaster etc.
  • Administration of the EAASDC server

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Country related requests and comments

Representative for Austria

Heinz and Conny Klingen
Schwarzenhaidestrasse 46
1230 Wien
Tel: +43 699 18 52 16 88

Email to Representative A representative.a(at)eaasdc.eu


Representative for The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Barbara Reinhartz

Tel: +31 71 58 96 13 6

Opens window for sending emailEmail_to_Representative_NL representative.nl(at)eaasdc.eu


Representative for Switzerland

Ernst and Katharina Leubin
Grafschaftstrasse 73
8172 Niederglatt
Tel.: +41 44 858 30 03

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Representative CH representative.ch(at)eaasdc.eu


Representative for Russia

Olga Kravchenko & Gennady Yusimov
ul.Bagrationa 50-6
236039 Kaliningrad

Opens window for sending emailEmail_to_Representative_RU representative.ru(at)eaasdc.eu


Supporting functions


Michael Curschmann
Tuchmacherweg 15
16348 Wandlitz
mobile: +49 1520 878 01 52

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Editor editor(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Editing and production of the bulletin
  • Edit articles and letters to the editor for publication in the bulletin
  • Organization of mailing
  • Suggestions for the design and content of the bulletin
  • Bulletin Team Coordinator

Opens internal link in current windowSee "Bulletin" for the editorial deadline



Michael "Gatsby" Gätcke

Tel. +49 6751 8530 969

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Bulletin-Administrator bulletin.admin(at)eaasdc.eu

  • New orders, renewals and cancellations of bulletin subscriptions
  • Administration and maintenance of subscriber data
  • Billing, payment tracking and processing of “private” bulletin subscriptions
  • Billing, payment tracking and processing of bulletin advertisements
  • Processing of complaints, redirects, etc.

GEMA & Events

Michael Strauß

Opens window for sending emailEmail_to_GEMA & Events:

  • EAASDC handling and contact for club-related dance activities
  • GEMA reports of dance activities of the EAASDC member associations
  • Registration of specials, special club nights and workshops (Opens internal link in current windowClub-Cockpit)
  • Registration of classes, open houses and graduations (Opens internal link in current windowClub-Cockpit)
  • New applications and changes in the EAASDC event calendar, including links to flyers
  • Coordinator of the GEMA team

GEMA Assistant (Music play lists)

Ilona Lankuttis

Music play lists as pdf file via email to:

Opens window for sending emailEmail to GEMA Assistant

  • Music play lists via post to:

    EAASDC e.V. - MFL
    Ilona Lankuttis
    Igelweg 8
    65428 Ruesselsheim

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Reinhard Gojowsky

Opens window for sending emailEmail an Webmaster webmaster(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Comments regarding layout or contents of the EAASDC homepage.

Insurance Assistant

Robert Kremsner, EAASDC Treasurer will take care of this area of responsibilities until further notice.

Opens window for sending emailEmail_to_Insurance_Assistant insurance(at)eaasdc.eu




Rainer Scheiblich
Roemerstrasse 13
35578 Wetzlar

Email to Historian historian(at)eaasdc.eu

  • One flyer, one badge and clips of each Jamboree and Round-Up
           by mail to Historian

Trademark Protection

Dr. Joachim Bradl
Lawyer for German and European patent law, trademark and intellectual property rights
Lorscher Strasse 24a

68519 Viernheim

Tel.: +49 6204 6014333

Email to Trademark protection patent(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Answers and support in the field of patent law, trademark and intellectual property rights for the EAASDC and their member clubs.


GEMA Committee


Opens window for sending emailEmail to GEMA Committee gema.komitee(at)eaasdc.eu

  • The GEMA committee shall handle the actual and target figures and will accept respective suggestions, tips, questions, and proposals.
  • They are at the members' disposal in case of questions regarding GEMA and dance events.
  • The GEMA committee decides on club inquiries regarding individual GEMA decisions.

Jamboree Committee

Axel Behrens
Tel. +49 30 61 62 09 08

Email to Jamboree Committee jamboree(at)eaasdc.eu

  • The Jamboree Committee will supervise the practical transpose of the Jamboree Guidelines, as approved at the membership meeting at Dachau on March 13th, 2010.
               (in co-operation with the President)

Tax Committee

Until a succession plan has been established emails will be forwarded to the President.

Email to Tax Committee tax(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Support of the EAASDC and German member clubs in the area „taxes, tax law and tax authorities“.

Youth Team

Annika Saeftel

Tel. +49 4101 805 63 77

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Youth Committee youth(at)eaasdc.eu

  • The youth team accepts suggestions and answers questions to the subject youth within the EAASDC
  • It offers communication and information tools for youth in reference to the dance forms within the EAASDC
  • It develops, leads and accompanies activities to promote the existing youth within the EAASDC as well as to acquire new youth
  • It keeps close contact to youth clubs within and outside the EAASDC to support the youth section of our dance forms in a joint coordination and cooperation

Special Tasks

Hearing Aid

Joachim Rühenbeck

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Hearing Aid

  • coordinates the uniform usage of transmitters and receivers during events in Germany and Europe
  • is available regarding advice and procurer for purchasing uniform devices
  • facilitates devices for events of EAASDC member clubs

Route SDC

Wolfgang Benz

Opens window for sending emailEmail to Route SDC routesdc(at)eaasdc.eu

  • Dance location search of Square Dance and other dance related Clubs at google-map

Social Networks


Until further notice Andrea Lang, support for members, will be in charge of PR-duties

Opens window for sending emailEmail an Social Networks

  • EAASDC presentation at social-networks like facebook, etc.

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Please pay attention!!!

For the purpose of data-securing in our daily business we have implemented a central storage of all incoming and outgoing emails which include an EAASDC-address. The lawful injunctions to protect personal data and contents will be fulfilled.

Wolfgang Daiss - President EAASDC