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President’s information concerning the extraordinary Membership Meeting in Kassel on 26 June 2011

The extraordinary membership meeting is over and I would like to inform you in short about the result. Due to some few objections prior to this meeting and uncertain expectations regarding the productivity of this meeting, we went to Kassel with mixed feelings and were overwhelmed by the positive result. When discussing the voting policy, we were able to strike an agreement except for two points and we also reached a consensus to a large extent on the first points of the constitution up to §4.5 among the people present. We are presently working on summarizing the points and will publish the result and the minutes of this membership meeting as well as the intended further steps upon completion. Finally, I would like to say that this meeting exceeded by far not only my own expectations with regard to objective, professional and willing cooperation of all people involved. And when at the end of the membership meeting everyone unanimously confirmed that this was an efficient and successful meeting, especially regarding the issues voting policy and constitution, this was clearly emphasized and gives us all the justified hope for a joint and successful future of our association. I thank all participants in the meeting for their willingness and the constructive cooperation, I thank those who contributed to organize the event and, above all, I thank Karin and Barbara for their work and their commitment concerning the subject constitution.