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Announcement/Publication of the result of the test voting outside of Membership Meetings as per §10.8 of the EAASDC Statutes

Period for objection:  4 through 24 August 2012, 12 midnight (date of receipt)

Motion no. 1

Voting number:


Wording of the motion:

The EAASDC President shall be committed to employ a landscape gardener.


Number of people entitled to vote: 20

Number of votes cast: 15 (75%)

Invalid votes: 0

„Yes“ votes: 6

„No“ votes: 7

Abstentions: 2


The required simple majority to approve the motion was not reached. The motion is rejected.



-          The voting procedure is based on the „EAASDC Voting Policy“, which can be reviewed on our homepage or requested from Andrea Zingler, Secretary.

-          Each member can view their voting behavior in the closed member area of our homepage or request it from the Secretary.

-          Within the above mentioned period objections may be addressed in writing to the President stating reasons (by post or email).

-          The Board analyzes the objection and notifies the objector of the result.

Implementation of the motion is suspended until the period for objection has expired.