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Obituary on the death of Hansjörg Pade

  • 1978 Entry into the Square Dance World as a dancer
  • From 1996 till 2002 EAASDC Board Member as Editor and Web Master
  • 31st of August 2002, Award of the EAASDC honorary membership to Hansjörg and Angelika Pade

These are merely three down-to-earth bullet points, that don’t express all that Hansjörg has accomplished in and for Square Dancing, and down-to-earth may also be the first impression one might have gotten from him. I have learned to know him as one, who didn’t display any over-boarding emotions and who didn’t place himself or his work in the foreground. Negative emotions and self-promotion were as loath to him as hypocrisy and quarrelling. On the outside always calm, polite and restrained he was a fascinating personality and a fine man, who loved the delicate humour that hides between the lines. He had the rare gift to listen patiently and to voice his opinion with few but concise words. He never forced himself onto somebody, but he was there with his support when he was asked for help and convinced that he could be of assistance.

His work was always marked by high loyalty, objectivity and efficiency, coupled with a well-founded and thorough knowledge. Through his always friendly, calm and helpful way as a dancer, his so valuable cooperation in the clubs he was a member in, and his many years of always reliable and convincing participation in many areas of the EAASDC association work, he has had a considerable part in the positive development of Square Dancing. His death leaves a very painful gap and EAASDC will keep his memory, knowing that he was a distinct part of her history.

I’m no friend of saying good bye for ever, especially not to a friend. Therefore this time for me it is also just a ‘See you next time, Hansjörg’, as I have called to him after each meeting and each event in the past. And just as I have not always danced in the same square or the same hall with him at each event, so it is now:

Hansjörg is dancing in another square, in another hall, since everywhere there is a square!

In the name of EAASDC, and from Claudia and myself as well, in remembrance of an impressive personality and a wonderful friend.

Wolfgang ‘Wuffi’ Daiss
President EAASDC