European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

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EAASDC-Bulletin February 2011

EAASDC President‘s Letter

Wolfgang Daiss
Tel: +49 179-7642598

Dear members,

I hope you have all started the new year in good health and the holidays have brought you the much needed regeneration. I wish that all your plans and resolutions will come true (except for that of the man who is planning to cement my lawn ;-)). For myself I wish, that at least half of my resolutions will come true.

Looking back on the past months of my presidency I would like to give thanks to all the honorary workers that have supported the association. They all have given their best and without them it just wouldn't work. I also thank all members for their patience, understanding and trust in the work of those people. There was indeed a palpable and comforting quiet and calmness. (No, this is not meant as an invitation to again...)

We are still busy structuring the association and working out baselines, that may to some members seem unnecessary, burdensome or hard to follow. And many of these things might never become relevant as is my wish for everybody. Some of us have however already been confronted with them and it is important that we are prepared for all cases. We are trying to keep formality down to the minimum required, but cannot dodge the legal requirements. And these concern all of us, not only the association. That is why I ask you to understand that this is an important part of the association's and club's leadership.

By the time you read this letter, it won't be long until the Spring Jamboree in Hamburg & Norderstedt and I'm looking forward to some pleasant days with nice, friendly people in a harmonious atmosphere, both at the dance and at the membership meeting. I wish the organizers, numerous helpers and staff members a lot of success and recognition for their work, which they will be doing for us with a lot of engagement. And if each participant decides to once a day swallow his possible dissatisfaction and instead utter a friendly word or appreciation for those working for us, hopefully there will only be shining faces. Because a president has to set an example, I will do it twice a day.