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EAASDC-Bulletin February 2011


Debora Ramona Rieser
Mobil +49-179-7531682
e-mail: emtag(at)eaasdc.eu

Square Dance Marathon

Dear dancers,

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Debora Rieser and I have been doing Clogging, Square and Round Dance for more than 15 years. A few months ago I was appointed as Member at Large for development, marketing, and dance styles/groups, or in short “EMTag”.

I will be your contact if you have any questions about the different dance divisions like Clogging or Round Dance, or if you are able to provide information about the activity for the various groups such as juniors or senior dancers.

My job is the marketing and promotion of our hobby. The development of new ideas, such as how to enhance the image of Square Dance for example via dance schools. Or to open up new resources for new target groups, which so far only represent a minority. Young people could probably be reached via college sports in most parts of Germany.

I would be happy about any kind of suggestion from your side that will help to improve the image of Square Dance, and that will help to present this topic to any gentleman or lady outside the Square Dance world.

During my enquiries, I discovered that there is confusion about the term “Square Dance Marathon”, or rather differing types of interpretation, which lead to misunderstandings. The Merry Mixers of Böblingen celebrate the “Marathon Dance” for a number of years. This is where we used to dance 10 hours in a row (Squares and Rounds). Some time ago, it was reduced to 5 hours of Square Dance only (dance 50 min, 10 min break). This is understood as a Square Dance Marathon by some dancers. One can look at the “Die Hard” dangles as a different kind of marathon. You get them for dancing a certain number of days in a row. There are several variations. For 5 days in a row, there is a red-white dangle, for 10 days in a row white–silver, for 15 days white–gold and for 25 days of dancing in a row there is blue–gold. For this Fun Dangle it does not matter if you visit a special, a club night or class, or if it is Squares or Rounds or Clogging. The “only” thing that matters is to have danced several days in a row.

I hope that my explanation has eliminated some of the confusion.

See you soon in a Round or Square.

translation: Ilona Lankuttis

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