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EAASDC-Bulletin February 2011


Editor's Page

This time the Bulletin of course includes the invitation and agenda for the membership meeting of the Spring Jamboree as well as its programme right in the middle of this magazine. Of course we’re counting on you all to visit the Jamboree. If you do, take the Bulletin with you.

During the last couple of months, several complaints came in about events not having been listed yet in the calendar of events of the Bulletin. The reason is that we have only 4 pages available for the calendar and that the number of events has increased which is partly due to the increasing number of special clubnights. We don’t want to extent the calendar to more pages because we’d like it to remain in the middle of the Bulletin, so that you easily can detach the pages if you want to. Hence we cut off everything that goes beyond the 4 pages, but then you will find the event you are missing in the next Bulletin. Also we have already changed the layout compared to previous issues and now the 4 pages contain more entries than before. If you want to see a complete list of all registered events, go to our homepage.

Once again we plan to publish a special issue of the Bulletin in April, aimed above all at new-comers to Square Dancing. This could be handed out for example at the graduation. Please let Silke Wilhelm (E-Mail: support4members(at)eaasdc.eu) as soon as possible know how many issues you will probably need. Price: € 2,00 per piece.

Klaus Rohrbach editor(at)eaasdc.eu

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