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EAASDC-Bulletin February 2011

ECTA Board

ECTA Contra Coordinator
Hans & Manuela Krackau

e-mail: Contra-Coordinator(at)ECTA.de

The 2011 Contra Year

Before I give a view of the year 2011, let me look back on the last year. Thanks to you we had successful Contra events with rising visitor numbers. This clearly shows that Contra and Traditional are a valuable enrichment to the EAASDC and ECTA dance events. Have a look at the report of the last Contra Convention in the “Letters” column. Here a reporter with no prior knowledge of Contra Dancing has given her impressions, and we can see the enthusiasm developing.

Also in the new year there will be many opportunities to dance Contra and Traditional. Besides the local groups that are always worth visiting, there is the Spring Jamboree already in March: 13 hours are on the program. Specially for our new dancing friends from the Square Dance Classes the Intro at the Student Jamboree offers the occasion to try Contra Dancing – so don’t miss the chance!

After a smaller program at the Fall Round Up there will follow on 10th September the 10th Contra Convention in Aachen. Here we will dance to live music!

By the way, dancers without Contra experience are always welcome at all Contra and Traditional sessions. We have no classes in Contra Dancing, we explain every dance before we practise it. So everybody, who is able to hear and move to music, can participate and experience the special feeling of Contra Dancing. Finally I wish you all good health, success in all ways of life and above all a great deal of fun in dancing.

     Hans & Manuela Krackau
ECTA Contra Coordinator


Transl: Hartmut Heiber