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EAASDC-Bulletin February 2011

ECTA Board

ECTA Clogging Coordinator
Sandra Pohlmann

e-mail: clogging-Coordinator(at)ECTA.de

Hello dear Bulletin reader,

Have you ever looked around in the different halls at a jamboree?

Yes? Good, then you will have certainly been in the Clogging hall too, won’t you?

Correct! It is the hall where the rhythmic clap of the taps may be heard from far away. This alone makes one curious. Many onlookers often stay a little longer than intended since just watching is very interesting.

What? You still don't know what Clogging is? Never mind, I will explain:

Clogging is the tap dance of American folk dances. Alongside Square Dance, Round Dance and Contra Dance, it is the fourth dance form offered in EAASDC.

Shoes for Clogging have special metal plates attached (the taps), which are used to accompany the beat of the music. Therefore, Clogging is mostly done in a separate hall and not between Square or Round Dance tips.

We dance to any type of music: Country, Rock, Pop, Techno, Irish etc... Almost everything is possible.

While Square Dance has a Caller and Round Dance has a Cuer, the leader for Clogging is the Instructor. The Instructor teaches new dances or prompts the figures of known dances.

Each dance is composed of different figures. These figures are composed from the eleven basic movements in Clogging. Additional elements include hand clapping, turns, jumps as found in other dance forms.

Well? Are you curious now? Do you want to try it out?

You have several opportunities in the coming months.

The first is during the Spring Jamboree in Norderstedt (11-13th March), hosted by the Cross Country Hoppers, Norderstedt and the Butterflies RDC, Hamburg. On Saturday (12th March) there is a Clogging Intro from 12:00h - 12:30h in the Clogging hall.

Elli Günther will be pleased to welcome all “cloggers to be”.

Only two weeks later there is the next opportunity. The Beaux & Belles, Frankfurt/Main host the Student Jamboree. This event will take place on 26th March, 2011 in Frankfurt/Main. From 15:15h – 16:15h Bianca Behrens will teach you how to do your first clogging steps. Even the students will have the chance to see and explore Clogging for themselves.

During the annual ECTA Clog Convention you even have the chance to attend an  almost complete beginners course. Almost all the steps are taught that you will also learn during a Clogging class.

This year’s Clog Convention takes place in Dortmund from 27-29th May, hosted by the Halloween Cloggodiles. Umpteen ECTA Clogging Instructors welcome you.

These are ample arguments to try Clogging yourself.

Maybe you’re affected by the Clogging virus.

If you wish to obtain further information about these events, you may contact me or check the web sites of EAASDC and ECTA. There you will certainly find more particular information.

Best regards


Translation: Guido Haas

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