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EAASDC-Bulletin February/March 2011

European Newsletter

Ron van Dijks’ newsletter offers many new facts about Square  Dancing in Europe, so we feel  committed to print it in the Bulletin and to give it a broader  distribution. Unfortunately the space this time does not allow a German  translation. The translation will follow in the next Bulletin (Editor)     Ron van Dijks’ Rundbrief enthält eine Menge neue Nachrichten über Square Dance in Europa, deshalb möchten wir ihn gerne auch im Bulletin abdrucken. Leider reicht der Platz nicht für eine deutsche Übersetzung, diese folgt im nächsten Bulletin. Viele von Euch werden aber auch den englischen Text verstehen können. (Editor)

Hello dance friends

Again just before Christmas, it seems to become more or less tradition, I can mail you this years issue of the European Newsletter. The same opening as last year but fortunately different contents.

A number of changes in the boards of the associations resulting in other names filling our Newsletter.

Together with a good crowd of square and round dancers we enjoyed the European convention in Karlstad. In my view a fine event with a perfect organization. This includes the Saturday night show with a good recognizable reference to all the participating countries. Lots of work to set this up, but rewarded with a excellent performance. We have had a great time there.

Up to the next convention but where and when… Time, as always, will tell us.

A lot has happened in our dance world and part of this you will find in this letter. I am very happy to have a contribution from France where square dancing is growing fast. This time no input from the CSCTA due to unexpected circumstances, but hopefully only this time.

I thank all writers for their time and work on it and hope that you will find reading this issue interesting.

Both Corry and I wish you all a very nice Christmastime and a great 2011 to enjoy in good health.

May the number of dancers increase.

Happy dancing,

Ron van Dijk, Brandenburglaan 38, NL 4333 BZ Middelburg

E mail: rvandijk(at)zeelandnet.nl

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