From the website of one of EAASDC's founder clubs, the "Heidelberg Hoedowners"

Translation: Gabi Russell

European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward



What is Square Dance?

Square Dance is an American folk dance, developed over a couple of decades to what it is nowadays. Square Dance evolved from European folk dances during the foundation times of the US. Today, it is danced all over the world. Square Dance is danced by 4 couples, each standing at one of the four sides of a square.

Square Dance is a squence of varying combinations of moves called by a caller to different music. There is no fixed sequence as in other folk dances. The caller chooses the figures and creates manifold, always differing sequences. The dancers learn the figures in a class and after graduation they can dance everywhere, because the names of the calls and the way of dancing is standardized all over the world.

The most popular music for Square Dance is Country and Western, however, also melodies from Jazz, Musicals or Pop are used.

Square Dance is a rhythmically flowing community dance, characterized by politeness, friendliness and friendship.

The caller always calls in English - a translation would be impossible. Besides, there must be a common language to be able to dance together all over the world. However, as you only need to link the name of the figure with the way it is danced it is not necessary to speak or understand English perfectly.


Gentlemen wear regular long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Even though they might start to sweat in the heat of the “battle” – long sleeves are a must.Ladies may wear short sleeves.  From the popular square dance skirt or dress with a petticoat to the traditional dress from the pioneer days: everything is possible.Square Dance is for everybody, regardless of age. Rank and status are” left at the checkroom”, we call each other by our first names and have a lot of fun together.

Square Dance in general

Meanwhile, there are more than 540 Square Dance clubs in and around Germany, all of them associated in the EAASDC (European Association of American Square Dancing Clubs e. V.)

Twice a year the EAASDC assigns large 3 day events, the so-called “EAASDC Jamboree” (in spring) and the “Fall Round Up” (in fall). The clubs apply for it and are responsible for its organization.

Also, callers and cuers are organized in an association called European Callers and Teachers Association, ECTA.

Each club offers - mostly in fall - a Square-Dance-Class for beginners. In these classes the required figures are taught. These figures / calls are the same worldwide and so you can dance in every club all over the world.

Square dancers visit each other. We don't have any competitions, having fun and socializing come first.