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EAASDC-Bulletin December 2010


ECTA Contra Convention 5./7. November 2010
Traudel Walz, Contra Hoppers Hohenlohe

Livemusic as always at the 9th ECTA - Contra Convention on November, 5/7th 2010

Just once every year you can enjoy a live band at this special event in the fall. There are three happy days of dancing by very charming, swinging melodies. More and more square dancers are interested in Contra Dance, because it means pure zest for life. Besides the normal square dance figures there are some special movements like “hey” or “figure eight”, but it’s very easy to practise during a vast number of variable dance choreographies. Everybody who is fond of Contra Dance will confirm that you will have much more fun dancing to live music.

In USA, especially in New England, a lot of special Contra bands are playing for Contra dancers. In Germany you very rarely have the pleasure of a live band.

At the Contra Dance event in Seckach, very well hosted by the “Yellow Rabbits”, the well-known Swiss Contra Band “Over the Isles” filled the fans with enthusiasm. The four musicians are really professionals in fiddle, piano, bass, and the band leader Philipp Hunn on the accordion. They have a large repertoire from festive baroque, to reels, gipsy and modern contra music. The excellent prompters Al Green, Carol David-Blackman, Hans Krakau and Rollo Leppin inspired the nearly one hundred Contra dancers with happiness and joy for hours and hours.

There are flyers out already for the Contra Convention in Aachen in September 2011. You are invited to come and join in!

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