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EAASDC-Bulletin December 2010


National Square Dance Directory
Originaltext: Katharina Thurau, (former EAASDC Administration)

During my occupation as Bulletin Administrator in the last years I have given every August an up-to-date report of all club data to the director of the „National & International Directory“. This is from now on not longer possible because starting 2007 there is no more print out of the directory. Only the webpage at the internet is available. Therefore also I can not send submit all the changes to USA, because they have to fill in a special electronic form.

Press Release from USA:

Directory on the Internet

Beginning in 2007, the National Square Dance Directory will no longer be published in a paper edition. Instead, it will be published electronically on our website,


The website is now ”live”. Information may be accessed from anywhere in the world using the internet. Please visit the website. Club information (changes, additions and deletions) may be submitted to us by clicking on ”To Update Club Information” on the main menu.

Please use this website to update your Club data in this Directory as well.

transmitted by EAASDC Secretary Andrea Zingler
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