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Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward


EAASDC-Bulletin December 2010


Battlefield Rodeo?

Christa (Alle Mann Da? Stade) requests that this letter be published.

Dear Pader Jumpers,

I would like to say a big thank you for the consistently great Pader Rodeo. As I spent the night in the hall, early in the morning I could see the battlefield left behind on the tables by a great number of my fellow dancers after sitting together after the dance. The tables were littered with glasses, bottles, empty crisp bags etc, even a paper plate with 2 pieces of cake! I feel ashamed for my fellow dancers and apologize to the Pader Jumpers for this incredible behaviour. Everybody can dispose of his rubbish himself and can put bottles and glasses on the counter. Children are brought up like this; adults don’t have to do this?

Best wishes, and see you at the next Pader Rodeo or earlier.

Transl: Helmut Reitz

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