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EAASDC-Bulletin December 2010

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Do and Don't Rules
Author unknown

“Do and Don't Rules"

It’s hard to believe that these 'Do and Don't' rules written 26 years ago, all still apply to today’s square dancers.

DO - be aware at all times that square dancing is a "courtesy" recreation rather than one of competition.

DO - keep smiling even if you're angry with yourself for 'goofing'.

DO - wear proper square dance attire.

DO - accept or admit you 'goofed' this time. Next time it could be someone else's turn, so don't feel bad.

DO - support a club as a dues paying member.

DO - pretend to have a good time even if you are bored. If you want a real challenge, try dancing with the seven weakest dancers at the dance, and help them through a dance singlehanded. Maybe you are that good.

DO - take your turn at responsibility as an officer of your club, on the serving committee or any way you can help others. DON'T - be over exuberant.

DON'T - be a 'know-it-all'. Let the caller be the instructor unless you are asked personally - ; after the tip is over.

DON'T - forget to trade a dance, especially with the guests. And don't overlook the caller's wife.

DON'T - sit like a lump on a log when another couple is needed for a set.

DON'T - cry about the hall, the sound, the crowd, the tacky floor, the caller, the cuer. Think positive thoughts so others around you aren't affected.

DON'T - spin or twirl the ladies unless you know they like it.

DON'T - insist on dancing your way when visiting other areas. If these people dance palms up in the Alamo, go along with it. If they do or do not ‘stir the bucket’, do as the Romans do, but keep your opinions to yourself unless asked.

From “Dance News” June 67

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