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EAASDC-Bulletin December 2010


Editor’s Page

In one of the last issues of ‘LET’S SQUARE DANCE’, the publication of the British Association of Square Dance Clubs you could read:

Paul made a request in the March issue of the magazine for contributions from you all. It is, after all, YOUR contributions which make the magazine so interesting. Please let Paul have your thoughts and comments as soon as possible.

Paul is my British colleague and it seems that he is facing the same problem we have in Germany.

I have said the same in other words in the November Bulletin, but the results unfortunately are very poor. Very few contributions for the Bulletin arrived, so again I had to select a lot of historic pieces to fill the Bulletin. I am sure that most of those historic texts still are, or again are, of interest for many dancers. Nevertheless, I have the strong feeling that there are so many current topics, it only needs someone taking the trouble to write it down. Incidentally it would make my job much easier, because all the historic stuff is only available as print and has to be digitized, which is much more time consuming and laborious than putting your email or word file into the Bulletin format. But my work is not the main point.

So again, in the words of Paul, I ask you for your contribution; give us your opinion, your knowledge and your experience.

Another topic: a legitimate complaint arrived about the abuse of emails to distribute flyers.


Lately, emails with flyers as an attachment heap up. In these emails the board asks for printing of the flyer and display during club nights .I have to ask myself: Do I own a printing shop? Or would the clubs rather save the stamps for the dispatch of the flyer?

We print our flyers, put them in envelopes and take them along to special dances. Approximately six weeks prior to our special dance, we then mail the rest. In addition, we also publish the flyer in the bulletin.

In my opinion, this is the best way to attract people for the dance. Although I own a printer, I will not print any flyers anymore that were sent to me by email because I would have to bear the costs, which I fail to see. I believe that many boards are acting the same way.

This shall serve as a short suggestion, not more or less.

translation: Margot Wilhelm

He is correct in complaining about that. I myself have received many emails with enclosed flyers, sometimes up to 10 MB. I feel this is impertinent. This however already was a topic in earlier years. I quote from Hartmut Niermann in the Bulletin February 2000:

Sending such email cannot be tolerated. Not only are many addresses forced to download these mails, at their own expenses, via a modem. Some addresses are work addresses, where private use is silently tolerated if the traffic is low. Spamming is mailing "postage paid by addressee". While short emails of a few lines are only useless, I feel emails with large attachments to be very annoying….. The email addresses published in the bulletin may only be used for personal contact, not for mailing advertisements of any sort. A guideline may be only to send an email if you would pass the same information by paper mail or telephone. Attachments should be sent only after arrangement.

Ten years have gone since then and many of us have DSL instead of modems, but nevertheless I think this is no reason to block the recipients’ post box with unsolicited mails. What do you think?

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, have a great new year, hopefully Santa will be extra good to you, enjoy your holidays.

Klaus Rohrbach editor(at)eaasdc.eu

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