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EAASDC-Bulletin December 2010


Wow, what was that at the 31.10.10 in Walldürn?
Barbara Kittling, Kerstin Kinzl, Nicolette Burger and Jens-Erik Paul,
SD4Fun Travellers

The SD4Fun Travellers organized their first club dance night in Walldürn. In order to give you an impression of the event we give some participants a chance to speak here:

"Normally, I go into action once a year, usually in August. Therefore I already was surprised as Sepp got me from the shelf at the end of October. Kerstin put me into her car and drove almost 300 km with Waltraut and me to Walldürn.

There arrived, I was allowed to leave the car in beautiful weather and in the lobby of an unknown hall. Now, the usual followed: Cover down, fill with water, add filter paper with coffee, cover again, plug in the socket and switch on “ON”. Now, coffee machine, go ahead!

And what happened there in front of me? The members of the SD4funTravellers carried a cake after the other before me. Others brought Beverages. Signs were hung up. Tables and chairs adjusted. Then, one put me a big sister to the side, which began also on cooking coffee soon. Who would needed so much coffee? However, I was completely enough for the few people, who were here.

And then: A dancer after the other entered the hall. An almost infinite quantity of nice people walked by at me. How was the hall called again? Oh yes, everything clear: "House of the open door." What's that? I see! - this was the 1. club dance night of the SD4funTravellers."

"Dear coffee machine, it didn't go me differently than you. I got that the .Old America county SDC.'had booked for another club. Well, what will go on there? I was surprised what the SD4Fun Travellers had brought. Who will eat those lot's of delicious cakes? Shortly after 2 pm I knew who would eat them. I never saw so many square dancers before, and more and more arrived. All wanted only one - dance! The mood was absolute top through the whole afternoon."

"Also we pie-lifters had looked forward to a comfortable coffee-gossip, but fat chance!

Instead of this we shovelled cakes on plates in accord. Boy, we haven't worked that much since a long time.”

"Well, you two, do you really think that I was in a better situation? I'm used to drive across Germany with my proprietress. So why not on Sunday, too? That's not uncommon in my life as a friendship book. But, what I experienced in Walldürn never have happened to myself.

I, like usually, lay on a table. As always my proprietress had left me there. Normally then I get a stamp and a signature, and sometime I'm picked up again. Once in a while other friendship books will visit also. However, usually we aren't that many. At this club dance night everything was different. Since we were so early there, I was “dispatched” rather fast. And then: I never have seen such a quantity of friendship books on a pile before! It was great to meet its friends again. Some of them I haven't seen again for many years."

"Boy, was that a stress! One must imagine this once! I'm still quite new, small, wooden, equipped below with a rubber plate. First, I had some feeling of inferiorities at my manufacture because however, I am so small. But in Walldürn, I noticed that that must be with me exactly so. I was done in order to stamp quite important notebooks where already mostly other stamps left their marks, too. But then, it really started. More and more and more and more, I had to stamp. From the whole coming and going between the pad and these notebooks, it became quite different for me. I lost the overview, really fully how often I left my mark, “SD4Fun Travellers” somewhere printed. At the end I was total in the end of my tether. To the luck, first I now should be spared, until to the April 16th. I really need the vacation after this big-use - after all because I'm still not used that way at all. But to the next time, I already look forward. Maybe it admittedly becomes again so exhausting for me there, but I heard that I then would get company of a colleague there, namely from the club-stamp of the "Russian Vodka Travel club." And together however every effort immediately is half so heavy - or?"

"Actually, I always have dreamed of shining with a romantic meal to be mirrored in the glistening eyes of two people in love to be the only correct illumination for it. However, that is the top level for candles like me. Finally, the moment was there: I was unpacked, a match ignited, my wick was ignited - however what on earth was this? That was no festively covered table, everything was tiled here! I might not believe it: I stood on a toilet and one of the men says anything of a blackout here below. Others quips that it's no a long time until Christmas. Should it be this? But it had also something good: Who knows, how big the chaos would have been here, if I won't have sacrificed myself for such an important task."

"Excuse me, Zahn, Count Zahn of pumpkin, together with my buddy I was allowed to observe the events of the stage. We were hollowed out to having creepy feeling, but nobody had a creepy feeling. Instead, one put us on a gallery. And crowds danced before us in the square. I had my fun with it. Also, that however, it now and then occurred, that not all returned at their original-place..."

"Oh yes: Original-place. I, the shirt of the president, have noticed when clearing up, this my informant the bulletin of the SD4funTravellers wasn't there. However, this won't already advance-travel us? Well, let's look forward what it will tell us about its hopefully exciting trip. One meets?

Generally some reports of the participants. We thank all, that were there. Let's look forward what there's possible to report about the next club dance night at April 16th, 2011 in Lützen, near Leipzig, Germany.

We remain at it!


Übersetzer: Heinz D. Trost

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