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of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward


EAASDC-Bulletin March 2011

EAASDC President‘s Letter

Wolfgang Daiss
Tel: +49 179-7642598

Dear members,

It started in November with my neighbor, and then her kids got it. Soon after, it spread to the baker and the butcher. Even in the supermarket there was nobody who hadn’t got it by the end of December, except for me. During the holidays I had little contact with the outside world and thus no immediate knowledge, who else was to enjoy it. But already by the second week of January I learned, that everybody in my closer and by the end of January also in my more distant environment had had it at least once – except for me. I was not jealous and gladly I would have let it go. I didn’t really want it and I was almost spared. Alas it wanted me, and it hit mercilessly in early February, that abysmally uncomfortable, fever shaking, head banging, throat scratching, nose running, hardly anybody sparing side effect of winter… the flu!

One positive side effect it has though, at least with me: While it is visiting I don’t have a taste for any nicotine or alcohol! Well, like all others I have survived it again this year and I hope that everybody who also had it is up and well again by now. For those who haven’t had it yet I wish that it stays this way.

While at this season we struggle with the flu, our new dancers struggle with the figures, that are introduced to them for the first time during their classes, and some might consider a cold the smaller predicament. When I see in their eyes though the inspiration and motivation they have toward this fascination of our hobby, it is a different kind of fever that shines in their eyes. It’s the satisfaction of having danced this particular figure
correctly for the fifth time already, of having executed the turn so that I end up in the right place. Right and left I got right ten times in a row as well. My fellow dancers have given me friendly smiles all evening and the feeling that that I have done well. The caller/leader has commended me and all in all it’s a great feeling when everybody is helping to let me succeed. I forget all about the daily hassle and never want to stop learning and dancing new figures that are, not only because of the language, often hardly comprehensible.

In order for this to remain so I wish all new dancers a heartfelt welcome, unwavering enthusiasm, always helpful and friendly fellow dancers and a patient and understanding teacher, so that you may stay with our community of worldwide square dancing and its related dance forms for a long time.