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of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

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EAASDC-Bulletin February/March 2011

European Newsletter



After a year of internal turbulences the EAASDC has elected a new Board on Sept., 4th, 2010 and we will work with a lot of enthusiasm to fulfill the
expectations. At the present time we are in a transfer and construction period and we try hard that nobody has to suffer under these circumstances. A listing by task and responsibility and the proper person in charge can be found under
www.eaasdc.eu (board). In case you wonder that the association work creates a businesslike character - this is intended. EAASDC is supposed to receive, as far as necessary, a working structure similar to that of an enterprise, so that all dancers can enjoy their hobby and the personal values of Square Dancing without concern.

We do have a lot of ideas and tasks and we would like to show the results already today. Naturally that is not possible and we have to find the right way between “too long thinking” and hurried Enthusiasm. There are things which need time, others will go faster and some we might do too fast. Nevertheless, as we would like to go step by step towards a successful and complete concept we also would like to be a part of a super team of all dancers in our dance programs.

Even though we are tied up in the re-organizing phase of our organization, we do concern a lot about the international development of our common hobby and definitely like to keep close contact with the other Associations of American Square Dance and related dance forms. So please let us know if the EAASDC can be of help for you and don’t hesitate to contact me personally with your request. Whatever we can do for you, will be done.

At the end of my letter I would like to give a short and humorous review about the Fall Round Up in Gelsenkirchen.

Every day, I have had a parking lot at no cost within an acceptable distance to the halls for “Mr. Slowfoot”. To help me with my short-sightedness there were friendly staff people to show me the right way. I have received a hot dog and a drink in the evening and always found a place to rest my back when it hurts. I was able to dance and held several meetings in acceptable places. Well, I have really enjoyed being among a lot of nice, friendly and helpful people, who had invested a lot of honorary effort to make it a nice weekend for about 1400 dancers. And let’s face it: I would just get a parking lot at a professional entertainment event, for that kind of an entrance fee. When you analyze the job done, proposals to improve are always welcome, but a friendly thanks and an appreciation are also necessary from time to time. Therefore I thank everybody being involved whether on stage and dance floors or with the organization and its handling. They all have succeeded the goal of a great event of which the dancers will always have good memories of. Now this is the time of the year, when people lean back, resume the past and set plans for the next year. In a social development of increasing pretensions and egoisms it would be nice if we all help by positive showing and acting to alleviate and reduce stress. And if we also add a little bit sense of humor, we will be able to stand a lot much easier among our friendly, easy going and helpful group of human beings worldwide.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wolfgang “Wuffi” Daiss
President EAASDC e.V. president(at)eaasdc.euwww.eaasdc.eu