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EAASDC-Bulletin February/March 2011

European Newsletter



I was only recently elected as President of the BAASDC following Tony's untimely departure on health grounds.

Recently we have seen a small increase in the number of clubs within our Association, with some interest being shown from U3A groups. This is an area of potential growth but as they do not have any funds, the growth is limited to the amount of good will within the group, but it is a sign that expansion might be possible.

As I said earlier, having just taken on this job I will need a bit of time to come to grips with all that has gone on but hope to visit various European venue’s in the near future. I trust this finds you all well and I look forward to seeing you soon.

John Webb

President BAASDC JohnWebb338(at)aol.comwww.squaredancing.co.uk

From your International Representative

As you see, I've been elevated to International, not just European Rep. Our BAASDC website is wonderful now for information and links too through Alan Jackson’s efforts.

I'm afraid that I don't get to go to any of the American Conventions because I'm one of the few who still work, and in a school too. The American events are usually in June so I have a few years before I can go yet. Congratulations to Ian McConnell though for being invited to call at one of the most prestigious events in the USA- the Academy for Advanced and Challenge Enthusiasts (AACE). Several British dancers went over to support him and enjoyed the event greatly.

I was able though to take a day off to get to the European Convention in Karlstad, Sweden, which had about 1300 dancers. I haven’t got the breakdown for the different countries, but there were 9 of us Brits to support our James Wyatt and Paul Bristow amongst others. I know that we all enjoyed ourselves very much, although the event was joint with the Swedish Convention. We were made very welcome. Unfortunately, Karlstad is a few hours' drive from any major airports, so a car was required, adding to the cost/time. Still, I found it well worth the effort, particularly as I haven't missed a European since they started in 1997.

There was an Opening Ceremony on the Friday evening which introduced all the callers/cuers; and then there was nearly an hour of dance by a local ballet school with themes/clothes from all the participating countries. It was absolutely fabulous and ranged from River Dance, German Lederhosen etc to "Rule Britannia" in sparkly Union Jack outfits, and ending with the "Splits". Definitely not to be missed!!!

The 10th IPAC (International Plus, Advanced and Challenge) will be held in Barmstedt, nr Hamburg 8th-10th July 2011, with C1 and Plus Trail-end dances the 2 previous evenings. Ian Mc Connell will be calling and they are hoping to reach the 1000 dancers. I am the contact for registration in Great Britain and have flyers which I shall distribute. I hope to see you all there.

Anyway, Happy Dancing and have fun,
Sue Elliott, International Representative se007c9805(at)blueyonder.co.uk

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