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EAASDC-Bulletin March 2011


Computer Cards
and their application

Detlef und Cécile Kunst, Ocean Wave Square Dancers Wilhelmshaven

Reply to “Computer cards and their application in Square Dance” by Gerti Vieracker in February 2011 Bulletin.

Dear Gerti, nothing must be added to your explanations. We have also learned our dancing in Olpe with computer cards the way you describe it and we like dancing with it very much. With this, all fuss about set couples and set squares is over, especially at coveted places in front of the caller. A number of murmurings on this subject have already been published in the Bulletin.

Because dancing with cards is not done everywhere, these marginal problems will not fade away. If you want to occupy a certain place you can try to be faster – and sometimes succeed. Should anyone get worked up about set couples, then ask yourself why two people should always want to dance together! Maybe they have simply found Square Dance as a common hobby for themselves; perhaps it is the only thing they have apart from their workaday life or other interests. Then we are happy for them.

If we are not mistaken, the program that is used in Olpe and which we still like best of all those we know, even allows you to log in as a couple if you want to – isn’t that great? Actually, with this program all possibilities are covered even a totally painless change of sexes.

Thus, we find dancing to computer cards so interesting because in this way one gets to know many fellow dancers by name very quickly. But that is already on your substantial list of pros.

Anyhow, one aspect still remains. Nobody has to justify anymore why he/she has chosen a certain partner for the next dance. The computer is to blame for everything, isn’t that nice? (But please don’t apply that to the two of us!)

Perhaps after some scepticism in the beginning, dancing with computer cards is altogether a really wonderful thing – honestly!

Transl.: Claudia Burger

Remark Editor: “Olpe” apparently refers to a dance of the club Triangle Squares.

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