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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2010

EAASDC President‘s Letter

Wolfgang Daiss
Tel: +49 179-7642598

Dear members,

The recent turbulence has not gone entirely past the Bulletin either and, sadly, following the September issue we received some cancellations from irritated readers. Now, on the one hand, there is the possibility to fully exercise press and editing rights in order to prevent an association’s periodical from becoming the center of ongoing disputes. On the other hand that could create the impression of censorship. We desire neither, so here’s our general appeal to all authors of articles; to closely verify if the Bulletin is the right platform for their articles, or if some things aren’t better worked out through personal conversation and endeavor.

Now let us settle the disagreement and look ahead together. If each of us is ready to do this and to take his or her part in it, it will work out in the end. Here, I like to remember the time when I would settle down on the couch with the “Bulle” to read the interesting and sometimes humorous reports and contributions from the healthy world of our mutual hobby. I think this positive time gets its chance again now and I am pleased by the calm and patience that is presently expressed toward the new board. Thank you for that, hoping it will last.

The first hundred days of our office aren’t up yet, but there are nevertheless some little things to report. The most important for us was that everybody who addresses one of us will receive a confirmation or solution for his request within 48 hours. Since we are still in the reorganizing phase, and much of our work is not obvious to the outside, we have taken this issue to list briefly what we have done so far or are doing at the moment. We also plan to report about our work from time to time in the future, be it within the Bulletin, on our homepage or via email to the member clubs.

A listing by task and responsibility and the proper person in charge can be found under www.eaasdc.eu (board and documents). In case you wonder that the association work creates a business-like character - this is intended. EAASDC is supposed to receive, as far as necessary, a working structure similar to that of an enterprise, so that our dancers can enjoy their hobby and the personal values of Square Dancing without concern.

Everything we do we do gladly - and with a lot of enthusiasm for you and the EAASDC, yet still it is not enough. In some areas we need your help, be it for technical or factual reasons, or to avoid costly external services. For that reason creating committees is a necessary measure, as I have already pointed out in my candidacy. Whether in working committees or in consulting special groups, volunteer work and help from the membership is a dire necessity for our association. Being a team has the advantage of a multiplication of knowledge and competence, taking stress off the individual by dividing the work according to time and possibility and not putting one single person in the crossfire of the public opinion. Therefore my request to you:

Address me to help our community; and Club Leaders, activate your members to join work in our committees!

Since putting out lists and making announcements at club nights usually doesn’t show great success, I would like to ask you to personally talk to your members to ask them, which special competence they have and to convince them to join one of our teams, depending on time and qualification. For the following teams we are presently looking for volunteer helpers:

  • Lawyers, especially for all concerns of an association acting on a European level (e.g. association law, statutes and bylaws, treaty law, press law, electronic votes, etc.)
  • Tax advisers, employees of the fiscal office, financial specialists for clubs or associations
  • Specialists for Data Protection
  • IT Specialists (Internet presentation, including forums, electronic vote-taking, electronic data collection, organization and protection, etc.)
  • PR Specialists in the print- and electronic sector
  • Translators and proofreaders for English, French, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Slovakian, (and maybe Japanese)

Beyond that we appreciate any help that is available “just in case”, when something has to be done. So send me name, email-address, phone number, qualification and chosen team of members who are willing to help.

The more helpers there are, the less stress there is for the individual and the bigger the success for us all. It also enhances the feeling of belonging to a strong, united association. Speaking from my own experience I can say, that it is a good feeling to do something for our community instead of making only demands.

Grüßle, Wuffi

PS. No, a lawn-mowing committee has not been planned. ;-


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