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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2010


Klaus Rohrbach
e-mail: editor(at)eaasdc.eu

In his letter our president refers to Bulletin subscriptions being terminated by irritated readers because of the ongoing disputes printed in the Bulletin. Indeed, these were all rather unpleasant incidents and I quote from my own Editor’s page in the May 2010 Bulletin:

“I would like to express my personal wish for the Bulletin to come back to being a platform just to exchange information on and around square dancing, rather than being a stage for extensive public discussions and struggles.”

Whereas some contributions were unavoidable for the Bulletin since then, I have already tried in the last issue, the September Bulletin, to offer a colorful mix of many subjects and to return to a content which is appropriate for our very peaceful hobby.

And perhaps the notices of cancellation were just exceptions and the silent majority sees the matter more like this email I received early in October: “Ich lese mit Begeisterung jede Ausgabe des Bulletins und freue mich sehr über dieses gekonnt gemachte informative Medium.” (With enthusiasm I read every issue of the Bulletin and I am very pleased about this medium, which is informative and skilfully produced.)

Because I have so far made 5 of the 7 issues this year, I think it only fair to take some of the credit for that. And if you feel that way too, please don’t hesitate to tell us – and in the same way don’t hesitate to criticize if something doesn’t meet your approval.

To avoid such unpleasant days coming back, my proposal today is that we establish a rule for the Bulletin: in future no personal attacks, no bitching or grumbling without giving suggestions for improvements at the same time.

And in addition to that, I would like to remind you that the Bulletin, our Bulletin, does not just exist to publish statements from the Board of Directors, it is a publication made for you all and made by you all. Your participation is asked for. Don’t lean back and just read – give us your opinion, your knowledge and your experience.

Moreover there are so many themes you could write and report about – here is just a short list: carrying out specials and workshops, reports about special dance forms like Contra, dancing in foreign countries (what about Scandinavia and England?), travel reports, club administration, making of club magazines, design of flyers and badges, fun tips, advice for angels, dresscode, friendliness, disability and square dance, cake recipes and for cooking, children and square dance, tailoring, carpools ---- and everything else you can think of.

Hoping to hear from you soon

Klaus Rohrbach editor(at)eaasdc.eu

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