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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2010


10. iPAC, international Plus, Advanced und Challenge Convention
Barmstedt, Germany
Steffen Mauring,
Percolators Germany e. V.

on July 8 - 10, 2011

The Percolators e.V. will be hosting this iPAC jubilee convention. As the founder of this event I'd like to look back to its beginnings and give you some information on it.

In the late eighties I had the idea of organising a multi-level dance, after having attended many conventions in the United States. At those conventions you could dance various programs to various callers in many halls. What a great idea!

This allowed you to create your own dance schedule for the weekend according to your wishes. Everybody got the same chance to dance and that's what I intended for Barmstedt as well.

The first International Advanced and Challenge Convention - that was the original name - took place in Barmstedt in 1993. The town council provided the halls and we were on tenterhooks how the project would turn out.

In those days the Plus, Advanced and Challenge dancing was not as widespread as nowadays, so we were really pleased when 250 dancers from all over the world showed up to dance A1, A2, C1 and C2 in four halls.

Since then the iPAC has taken place every other year and the number of participants has increased as well as the number of programs and dance halls.

It's amazing how well Plus, Advanced and Challenge dancing have developed in Europe. Up to 1000 dancers from many countries are expected for the jubilee in 2011.

The dance schedule comprises full time Plus through C3b in 7 halls, and on top of that there will be a few hours of C4 dancing in still another hall.

Top callers from all over the world have been booked to provide high quality calling. I'm so pleased that Barmstedt has become a significant venue in the square dancing world.

It's very important to me that every dance runs smoothly, offers an ambitious level and - of course - all that at a reasonable price.

The C1 Trail End Dance kicks off the event on Wednesday, from 7 – 10 pm, and the Plus Trail End Dance takes place on Thursday. Starting Friday a shuttle bus will transport the dancers free of charge, quickly and comfortably to the respective halls.

Food and beverages are available at reasonable prices right next to the halls - as usual.

A lot of Japanese dancers have already registered. After the Friday night dance from 10 – 12 pm there will be a Japanese Plus Afterparty in hall 2. Fun and some surprises are guaranteed.

Using the campsites and sleeping in the halls is traditionally free of charge - to keep your expenses as low as possible. We'll also try and help you to find accommodation - see our web page

The town centre of Barmstedt is within walking distance from the halls. On Sunday morning there will be a Plus open air dance in the market square together with the inhabitants of that quaint town.

The Percolators, all assisting people and myself are looking forward to welcoming you in July 2011 at the 10th iPAC Convention in Barmstedt.

The entrance fee has not been raised for years, and if you pay in 2010 you can even save 10 Euro!

Barmstedt is a small town about 25 miles north of Hamburg. It's simply beautiful – so come and visit.

Happy dancing! Steffen Mauring

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