European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward


EAASDC-Bulletin November 2010

This and That

Ten Levels?

from the Steinsberg Cloverleaves Newsletter,
reprint/from ASARDA News, Alabama

1. Beginner or Student
2. Square Dancer
3. Too good to dance with Beginners
4. Advance Square Dancer
5. Too good to dance with Mainstreamers
6. Challenge Square Dancer
7. Too good to dance at Advance level
8. Too good to dance with anybody
9. Non Dancer
10. Back to dancing with beginners in order to have a good time.

Square dancing is a RECREATION something to be enjoyed, over look and don't participate in petty criticisms that do not benefit your activity. A Square dance club is Iike a bank - YOU CAN'T OUT MORE THAN YOU PUT IN! A leader is not a leader if he stands alone. He should be able to look around and see his followers behind.

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