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Wortmarke "EAASDC"   Opens internal link in current windowhtml   16.04.2012   Initiates file downloadpdf   11.11.2011

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Joint appeal about the "play list" (MFL)Opens internal link in current windowDownload pdf2017-03-23
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The EAASDC board election results:



Wolfgang Daiss


Opens window for sending emailEmail: president (at) eaasdc.eu


Vice President


Melanie Schmid-Würfl

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Newsletter 2017/2 • 24.02.2017
This information/text is provided in German and English


Dear members,

as you might already know,…

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Dear members of the EAASDC, 

as you all know, the EAASDC board wil be elected at the Spring Jamboree 2017. 

As of 2017-01-15, we have received…

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Bekanntgabe/Veröffentlichung des Ergebnisses und der Einspruchsfrist zur Abstimmung außerhalb  von Mitgliederversammlungen gemäß §10.8 der…

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Protokolle Spring Jamboree 2016:

Newsletter 2016/4 vom 11.04.2016 Initiates file downloadde/en
Protokoll Mitgliederversammlung
Initiates file downloaddeInitiates file downloaden
Kassenbericht 2015Initiates file downloaddeInitiates file downloaden

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Dear Members

With this publication you receive the motions and respective attachments for voting as per §10.8 of the EAASDC Statutes. Within the next…

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The EAASDC Board
will be newly elected, by single
election, on the

Spring Jamboree 2017

You want to actively shape the future of our Community? Then put…

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At the last minute we managed to find localities for the SJ 2016. For comprehensible reasons, it will be a smaller event and the motto could be „back…

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