European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward



Documents, forms, logos of EAASDC e.V.

Common Documents

Statutes of EAASDC e.V. Opens internal link in current windowpdf2019-03-09EAASDC-President
By-Laws of EAASDC e.V.Opens internal link in current windowpdf2019-03-09EAASDC-President
Guidelines for Special Dances / Charter DancesOpens internal link in current windowhtmlEAASDC-President
Guidelines for JamboreesInitiates file downloadpdf2010-08-15EAASDC-President

Special documents

Documents and information for dancershtml2012-12-18(next page)
Documents for member clubsOpens internal link in current windowhtml2019-08-07(next page)
Documents for new clubshtml2019-08-07(next page)


EAASDC logosOpens internal link in current windowhtml(next page)

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