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of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward



How to use your Friendshipbook

Part I: Acquisition of the signatures

  1. Visit Square Dance clubs anywhere in the world at their club night.
  2. Before the end of the club night give your FRIENDSHIPBOOK to a board member or to the Leader (Caller, Cuer, Instructor, Prompter), so your visit can be recorded.
  3. Collect only one entry per club, regardless of how often you visit this club or how many dance programs are offered.
  4. Mark the countries in the respective field – if you like. The idea to visit other countries is historical and intended especially for dancers of the Continent as additional incentive to visit clubs in other countries. However, it is not an obligation but solely up to your personal ambition and your possibilities, whether you would like to and are able to implement it.
  5. Reclaim your book after is has been signed.
  6. For 26, 52, 104, 208, 416, 500, 750 and 1.000 signatures there is a FRIENDSHIPBADGE in different colors.

Have you collected enough signatures and your club is a member of the EAASDC then continue to Part II.

Part II: Acquisition of the Badges

Check, whether you have correctly collected enough signatures. You need the respective number of signatures for the following badges:

  • WHITE/GOLD = 26 clubs
  • BLACK/SILVER = 52 clubs
  • BLACK/GOLD = 104 clubs
  • BLUE/SILVER = 208 clubs
  • GOLD/RED = 416 clubs
  • GREEN/GOLD = 500 clubs
  • BLUE/GOLD = 750 clubs
  • GOLD/BLUE = 1.000 clubs

Badges are awarded and your book is signed by EAASDC Support for Members.

There are three ways to receive a FRIENDSHIPBADGE:

1. Personally at a Jamboree

The easiest and for me the most beautiful way is to hand in the FRIENDSHIPBOOKS personally at the Jamborees and – usually – you can take the FRIENDSHIPBADGES with you right away. Or just ask when you see me at a special dance, often I can do it right there on the spot.

2. Submission by mail

  • Send us a return envelope addressed to you
  • Please make sure that this envelope is big enough and that it can be glued tightly before it is returned, so that it does not lose its contents when it is sent! A mailer in DIN C5 or a sturdy C6 envelope is best suited for this purpose.
  • Please do not seal the return envelope!
  • Frank the return envelope according to the current postage values. Please take into account the fact that on the way back, next to the book, the badge and, if applicable, the award certificate will also be in the envelope.
  • For FRIENDSHIPBOOKS outside of Germany: Please contact me about the return mail process before sending it, because I need German stamps for the return, which are difficult to obtain outside of Germany.
  • Put your book (original or copy, from 208 signatures onwards all FRIENDSHIPBOOKS please) and the stamped addressed envelope into another envelope together with your phone number, email address and the name of your club.
  • Seal the outer envelope carefully, put sufficient postage on this envelope and mail it to

EAASDC Support for Members
Andrea „Andie“ Lang
Heuberg 6
D-87745 Eppishausen

You can find the current address of the responsible board member in the “Board” area on the EAASDC homepage eaasdc.eu.
You will soon get your book back together with the badge by post.

3. Submission by email

  • If you don't want to hand over your FRIENDSHIPBOOK, you may also submit it a scan via email to
  • Please state your phone number and club name in the email. Also advise whether you will send a self-addressed and properly stamped return envelope or whether you would like to transfer the money for envelope and postage.
  • If you send us the return envelope, we will send you the FRIENDSHIPBADGE together with a confirmation of the award. Follow the procedure described in 1.
  • If you want to transfer the money, we will send you an invoice first. FRIENDSHIPBADGE and confirmation will be dispatched upon receipt of the money.

The following is valid for all submission forms:

The bulletin regularly publishes the name of whom (name and club) has been awarded which badge. If you don't want this, please give the respective information when submitting the FRIENDSHIPBOOK.

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