European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward



How to use your friendship book

Clubs or dancers may order the Friendship Book from us at Opens window for sending emailsupport4members@eaasdc.eu

Part I Acquisition of the Signatures


  1. Visit Square Dance clubs anywhere in the world at their club night.
  2. Give your Friendship Book to a board member or to the Leader (Caller, Cuer, Instructor, Prompter) for signing before the end of the club night.
  3. Collect only one entry per club, regardless of how often you visit this club.
  4. Mark the countries in the respective field.
  5. Reclaim your book after is has been signed.
  6. You need the respective number of signatures for the following badges:



26 clubs


52 clubs in 3 countries


104 clubs in 5 countries


208 clubs in 5 countries


416 clubs in 5 countries


500 clubs in 8 countries


750 clubs in 10 countries


1.000 clubs in 12 countries

The idea to visit other countries is historical and intended especially for dancers of the Continent as additional incentive to visit clubs in other countries. However, it is not an obligation but solely up to your personal ambition and your possibilities, whether you would like to and are able to implement it.

If you collected enough signatures and your club is a member of EAASDC, proceed to part II.

If you collected enough signatures and your club is a member of an umbrella organization participating in the EAASDC Friendship Book procedure, badges and signature are issued by this organization (details are available from your club board). If not, please address EAASDC under Opens window for sending emailsupport4members@eaasdc.eu

Part II Acquisition of the Badges

For 26, 52, 104, 208, 416, 500, 750 and 1.000 signatures there is a Friendship Badge in different colors. In order to receive it proceed as follows:

Check, whether you have correctly collected enough signatures.

Badges are issued and your book is signed by EAASDC Support for Members.

There are 2 possibilities:
1. Submission by mail

Address an envelope to yourself.

Make sure that this envelope can be sealed properly, so it won't lose its content in transit. A mailing bag envelope size DIN C5 or a rigid envelope C6 are suited best.

Please do not seal the return envelope!

Put a stamp with the current value on the envelope. Please consider the fact that along with the book there will also be the badge in the envelope of the return mail.

Put your book (original or copy) (from 208 signatures onwards all Friendship Books please) and the stamped addressed envelope into another envelope together with your phone number, email address and the name of your club.

Stamp this envelope also with correct postage and send it to

EAASDC Support for Members
Andrea Lang
PO Box 11 61
70772 Filderstadt

You will soon get your book back together with the badge by mail.
For Friendship Books outside of Germany please inquire about the return mail process before sending it, because you don't get German stamps abroad.

2. Submission by Email

If you don't want to hand over your Friendship Book, you may also submit it as scan via email to Opens window for sending emailsupport4members@eaasdc.eu. Please state your phone number and club name in the email. Also advise whether you will send a self-addressed and properly stamped return envelope or whether you would like to transfer the money for envelope and postage.

If you send us the return envelope, we will send you the Friendship Badge together with a confirmation of the award.

If you want to transfer the money, we will send you an invoice. Friendship Badge and confirmation will be dispatched upon receipt of the money.

The following is valid for both submission forms:

Your name and the earned badge will automatically be published in the Bulletin. If you don't want this, please give the respective information when submitting the Friendship Book.

Translated by Gabi Russell