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EAASDC-Bulletin May 2011

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ECTA Round Dance Coordinator
Angela & Jochen Grob
e-mail: round-dance-Coordinator(at)ECTA.de

Round Dance Festival 2011

Berlin, Berlin – we are going to Berlin!

Usually this phrase belongs to the football fans for the Cup Final, but this year it also applies to round dancers. The Round Dance Festival 2011 takes place in Berlin, hosted by the Dreaming Pivots, the Berlin Round Dance Club. At this point a big THANK YOU to the club for their preparation work.

A whole weekend full of round dancing – good workshops and relaxed dancing in the evening. We want to enjoy it this year as well. What can we expect?

We get 2 short workshops on Friday evening: first a refresh of the classic “Sukiyaki” and then a twostep called “Dance Tonight” to the music of Paul McCartney. In addition, a lot of time to dance.

On Saturday morning we have the chance to learn something new: who fancies an introduction to West Coast Swing? Sammy and Ingrid David will show you this rhythm. After the lunch break there is a Quickstep workshop on the programme: “Almost Like Being In Love”, a choreography of Randy and Marie Preskitt. But this is not all, the next workshop follows immediately: “Dance in Portugal”, a fascinating mixture of Rumba, Tango and Cha Cha choreographed by George and Pamela Hurd. In the second hall there is a mixed programme for the whole afternoon, so everybody has the chance to dance. Afterwards we want to spend a nice and enjoyable evening together.

Sunday morning starts with a Cha Cha workshop called “Merci” to the music of Duffy, a dance by Bernd Zimmermann. Then we have the chance to review everything we learned before we round off the weekend and start back for home.

Attention: for those who got one of the early flyers: we have a new hall: Sporthalle Ostpreußendamm, Ostpreußendamm 108 in Berlin Lichterfelde.

There are not many pure round dance events, and this weekend is completely ours.

Take the chance and …
… see you in Berlin!

Angela & Jochen Grob
ECTA Round Dance Coordinator

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