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EAASDC-Bulletin May 2011


Maverick Square Dance Club Stuttgart closed

Mike Krüger

The Maverick Square Dance Club Stuttgart bids goodbye to the square dance world after more than thirty years.

In January 1978, 18 dancers met together with Dave Preskitt to found a Plus club. The first club evening took place on 6th March 1978. Furthermore Al Stevens and Kim Hüll have been club callers. Thus just three callers in all the years. The Asituation in Stuttgart changed. Meanwhile there are six A-clubs and one C-club.

But for years the Mavericks, the longestablished club, did not succeed to enlarge their membership while about us the A-clubs grew. This conjuncture meant that we decided in a membership meeting on 21st March 2011 to close down the club.

We like to say thank-you for the wonderful time that we as members of the club were able to experience. Together we went through ups and downs, again and again we succeeded to live the square-danceidea. Now it was all the more difficult for us to take this plunge.

After the last club evening on the 21st March 2011 we have decided to close down the Maverick Squares Stuttgart.

Stuttgart, 28th March 2011

Transl.: Guido Haas

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