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EAASDC-Bulletin May 2011


Hot Hash! What is it?

Kenny Reese

Many people were asking what Hot Hash is.

Hot Hash is a style of dance that has no set definition. Each caller will have his own style and method of calling it.

I would like to give you my own definition so everyone will have an idea what it is. Basically hot hash is a set program level that is called in such a manner that all figures that break the forward movement of the dancers are left out; i.e. Do si do, lines to the middle and back.

It is also called at a faster speed than normal. This makes it almost impossible for the dancers to think about the figure before they dance it. The figures must be spontaneously danced. Each caller must judge the level of the floor and vary the positions as much as the dancers are able to dance.

Because all of this happens a lot faster in hot hash than it does at a regular dance I would recommend that new callers not attempt to call it until they have mastered calling at a normal speed. Also the dancers should not push their callers into hot hash. This type of dance should be used as something different and not used as the normal style of dance.

This type of dance is a good way for the dancers to test their knowledge of the figures.

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