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EAASDC-Bulletin May 2011


Level A – A Review

Nicolette & Stefan Burger, Rhythm Rounds

When we started with our Round Dance Class “Level A” 2 years ago, we were told that from now on classes were not taught within the Phase system anymore, but in Levels. This was an adjustment to the dancers’ needs. Level A includes Rumba and Cha Cha (Phase III) as well as the Phase II Waltz and Twostep. These additional figures (from Rumba and Cha Cha) were added in place of some Waltz and Twostep figures, in order to keep Level A clearly arranged.

This sounded really good to us, since we are not too keen on Twostep.

Since then 9 months have passed since we graduated, and we were able to gain some experience with Level A.

  • Level A is mostly taught during class, yet on the floor dances are still cued by Phases.

  • Asking some Cuers during an event to cue a dance in Level A, we were asked by them what Level A was.

  • The Cuer asked, before cueing the tip, over the Microphone if this or that figure had been taught at Level A.

  • Talking to Cuers, we were told that we could not go out to dances until we had reached Level B, because by that time we could dance Phase III to IV. Only at the time of our graduation Level B did not exist.

We understand that there have been thoughts about changing the existing system. Yet it seems that the current status is not completely matured. Of course we had a good time during the class, because we had not only Waltz and Twostep to learn, and therefore more variety. But what does it account to when you cannot use the knowledge you have attained after the class?

Before the implementation of (Teaching) Level A we would have wished for the following:

  • The Cuers should have been informed of and educated about the new system,

  • Cuesheets should have been developed and written,

  • there should have been plans the classes to follow

  • the dancers should have a chance to dance the program (at special dances),

  • the dancers should have been informed that unpredictable “problems” might occur during this phase of change.

If we had known all this before our class, we would have had more fun dancing and we would not have been frustrated.

Therefore, our plea to all Cuers: Sit down together and develop and refine the Level system. And release lots of cue sheets, so that we can finally dance Levels A and B.

See you at the next Round Dance Event
Nicolette & Stefan

Transl: Ilona Lankuttis

Editor: I refer to a comment on this subject by Heike Beck in Bulletin February 2010

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