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EAASDC-Bulletin May 2011


Dancing until the skirts fly...

Urs Frick, Crazy Cow Dancers

How we became the “crazy cow” dancers…

Two dance enthusiast couples were sitting together enjoying a glass of wine in a comfortable atmosphere. After several minutes they agreed: There were just not enough opportunities to go out and dance. But what could we do about this?

The answer became clear as Urs & Theres told lovely stories about Square Dance. They decided to start a Square Dance Club in Sevelen.

There was a big advertising campaign and 17 participants applied. The course started in Autumn 2007 in the entrance hall of the kindergarten in Sevelen. Since only Urs & Theres, the two course instructors, were graduates in the dance and had previously actively trained and danced Square Dance, the whole thing was not so easy, but that made it all the more fun.

A particular highlight was Tommy Morgenroth from Munich, who Urs & Theres had met in Saudi Arabia. He came to visit now and then and joined us for an evening. Such a visitor likes, of course, to be compensated for his efforts and so we thought about something special. What is really typically Swiss? There’s nothing more symbolic for Switzerland than a cow. Our organic farmers were reluctant to make a real cow available for a dance, since its milk would go sour; so we made a cow with washing-up gloves as udders, which Tommy first had to calm and then milk. The strengthening drink provoked Tommy, who was always up for a laugh, to do a little dance with the cow. This humorous event gave birth to our club’s name: “Crazy Cow Dancers”.

The official foundation of our club was in May 2008, 6 of the 8 founding members were students from the on-going course. After the foundation, the local community provided us with a dance hall, in which we still regularly hold our club evenings.

The first course took almost 2 years and in June 2009 the seven remaining participants graduated in style with Tommy Morgenroth.

Since then, we have carried out 2 further courses and our club now has 26 very active members.

Our dancing evenings take place on Friday evenings from 7.30 p.m. in the Zinslihof in Sevelen. We meet in a relaxed atmosphere to dance, laugh, chat and practice until around 10.30 p.m. Afterwards, there is, of course, always time for an after party which often goes on for a little longer.

Visitors are welcome at any time; we are delighted when the Zinslihof is bursting at the seams due to the many Square Dancers and Squares.

Once a year we hold our “Crazy Cow Special” which this year takes place on the 14th and 15th May. The news has travelled far and wide that we often have a crazy and very funny time and such a reputation means that this year’s event shall also be an unforgettable event for many Square Dancers from near and far.

Further information about us and regarding our current programme can be found under www.squaredance.ch/de/Clubs/ccd.html

We greet you all with a powerful “moooooo” and hope to see you soon in our Square.

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