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EAASDC-Bulletin June 2011

Jamboree Report - Clogging

The Smiling Frog Hopper on the ..
Spring Jamboree 2011 at Norderstedt
Tina Kipp, Smiling Frog Hoppers

We had an own clogging hall on the Spring Jamboree for us so it was worthwhile for my dancers to go to a Jamboree, this time. So 10 frogs went to spend a whole weekend clogging, and we were happy that it took place so close to us.

After 3 easy hours of driving on Friday night we arrived in Norderstedt. We quickly picked up our keys at the guest house and then went straight to the registration.

There was a rush but all had a good time waiting in the long queue, meeting many other dancers. When we got our badges we went back to the car – the clogging hall was 1.9 km away. We were right on time for the warm up with Elli. Friday there was already a full workshop program with all levels. Until 22:00h we did all dances and were looking forward to the afterparty in the main hall with all dancers. Since we went with Ina and Moni from Berlin to England last year we always bring Cider.

Everybody offered snacks and things to nibble, we really had a ball! Saturday we had to get up early. We wanted to be there at 9:00 h and dance when Gaby Grywatz made her exam.

For my dancers it was pretty interesting to see what an instructor needs to know. Here again congratulation to Gaby for passing the exam! The whole Saturday there was full clogging program on the plan. Fortunately there was a workshop review that evening.

We stayed in the clogging hall during the Grand March to finally get a little rest. Here we took the photo, as well. We always have enough snacks when we travel.

But the break was short, we continued with request clogging. It is so much fun to dance with a big group of cloggers. You see new arm movements and laugh a lot when clogging choreos are interpreted creatively ☺.

Saturday’s afterparty was much better attended than Friday. But that was not really a surprise with 1671 dancers all together.

The following night was, again, a little short for us because we did not rest on Sunday, either. Three more workshops, the review and request clogging was on the program for us.

We did it all, and before we left we allowed ourselves a huge sundae.

Thanks to Bine and Gunda, again, who made it possible to have such a fantastic program on a jamboree. And thanks to all the instructors who did the workshops for us!

We are already looking forward to the Clog Convention in Dortmund.

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