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EAASDC-Bulletin June 2011

ECTA Board - Clogging Coordinator

ECTA Clogging Coordinator
Sandra Pohlmann

Clogging Dresscode

Dear dancers,

I expect some of you will have noticed that, with regard to clothing, cloggers differ from other dancers.

Well, it has often happened to me that a traditionally dressed dancer has inspected me from top to bottom and even raised his eyebrows disapprovingly, just because I wore black trousers instead of a petticoat for clogging. And, from time to time, the cloggers are described as sloppy dressed and not willing to follow the official dress code.

OK, it’s true, we seldom wear petticoats. But there is a reason. A petticoat often hinders us in dancing, we move in a different way compared to Square Dance.

But now the Clogging Council has developed a clogging dress code to improve their appearance to the general public and I want to present it to you.

The dress code consists of three levels, similar to the Square Dance dress code. Festive Clogging Attire

  • This category is designed for a joint evening program of the different sections at a Jamboree.

  • It adds to the visual enjoyment of participants and spectators.

  • It can also provide a connection to the common history of North American folk dances.

It includes

  • All kinds of skirts that are not too short (minimal length: a couple of inches above the knee)

  • Slacks and dress jeans for gents and ladies

  • Blouses, lady-shirts and dress or polo shirts

  • T-Shirts do not fall into this category

Smart-casual Clogging Attire

  • This category is designed for the Saturday evening program at the Clogging Convention or the day program at joint events.

  • Due to the sporty nature of our dancing style it is appropriate at this level to wear more comfortable clothes than in the „festive“ attire

In addition to the „festive attire“, this category includes:

  • Decent long training trousers for ladies and gents

  • Trouser skirts for the ladies

  • Decent T-shirts (covering shoulders)

  • Uniform club-outfits

Casual Clogging Attire:

  • This category is designed for all other special dances and the day program at the Clogging Conventions.

  • There may be times when travelling, that the weather and other conditions would discourage dancers from following either the festive or smart-casual dress codes. In that case, those dances/sessions/festivals should be advertised as “casual” attire.

In addition to the other categories, it is allowed to wear

  • Short trousers (no Hot-Pants!)

Clubs who run dances are encouraged to specify “festive”, “smart-casual” or “casual” attire for their individual events or even for a single session.

This dress code should not be a rule, but used as a guideline.

I hope I have been able to give you an insight into this delicate topic and to contribute to improving the relationship between the different divisions.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

See you soon,

Sandra Pohlmann
ECTA Clogging Coordinator

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