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EAASDC-Bulletin August 2011

EAASDC President‘s Letter

Wolfgang Daiss
Tel: +49 179-7642598

Dear members,

On the beginning of July I received the following e-mail plus attachment from Japan and I gladly follow the request to pass on the information here in the bulletin (attachment see p. 20).

“I am pleased to inform you that everything is going well for our 50th Japan Convention scheduled on 26-28, and the international reception will be held on 25th, Thursday night of August.

We definitely need as much attendance as possible from the overseas to cheer up the Japanese people as in the attached memo.

We have lost so much due to the 3-11 Mega-Quake, and your continued helping words will be greatly appreciated. I hope you can spread the words in Europe a nd UK what is going on in Japan from the eyes of square dancers.

Doc Hiraga
Member-International Affairs Committee, JSDA”

These words confirm my intention, by means of my visit, to give our Japanese friends a small indication that they are not alone in these troubled times. At the same time I find it important and necessary that we raise funds for Japan. We have collected over €6,000.00 during the first weeks of this endeavour and I thank each donator, whether they were clubs in Holland or Germany or individuals.

I think it deserves mentioning
that we have also received individual donations of €500.00 and €1,000.00. Of course not everybody can afford to give such amounts and it is by no means expected, but let me ask all of you to give your heart and motivation and to work with us to significantly top this amount of €6,000.00. Let’s prove that EAASDC with all its members stands as one in this endeavour to help and collect money.

There are many ways to do this but we really have to work on it. It is not enough to pass on the information on a club night, that EAASDC is raising funds for Japan and that the account number can be found on the homepage. It is necessary that in each club one person actively walks around with a tin, asking each dancer to put something inside, be it on a club night or at a special dance.

We presently have more than 500 member clubs in Europe and each club has an average of 20 members. If each dancer gives one Euro we have collected €10,000.00 with this one campaign. And if we do it again two months later we have €20,000.00. And if we collect another Euro at our special dance, the sum increases still.

For each person one Euro is a relatively small amount which most of us can give without pain. But in the sum of all donators it becomes a sizeable amount that can ease a lot of suffering for the affected dancers in Japan and helps them in a situation where many are lacking the essential things for life. We can do our part as the EAASDC community in giving a few members of the international Square Dance community back a little bit of what they have lost, along with the comforting feeling that they are not alone in this sad moment.

Let us lead the “One Euro Campaign” with all our hearts, please!


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