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EAASDC-Bulletin August 2011

ECTA Board

ECTA President
Björn Wagner
e-mail: President(at)ECTA.de

ECTA Dress codes

Dear Dancers,

I am sure you have all heard about the three defined dress codes of “Traditional”, “Proper” and “Casual” in Square Dancing. CALLERLAB proposed them in the year 2000 rather as a help in communication than as an attempt to enforce any preference and the ECTA Square Dance Council decided to support these dress codes, too.

When the Jamboree Task Force reviewed the Jamboree Guidelines in 2009, it became obvious that these dress codes did not match all the requirements of the different dance forms we support. Therefore, each ECTA Council was asked to define dress codes for its own represented dance form. I am proud to announce, that this work is completed and ECTA now provides a dress code definition for Square and Round Dance, Clogging, and Contra Dance. Our Clogging Coordinator began by presenting the Clogging dress code in the last issue of the Bulletin and we will complete this information for all other dance forms in a series in the upcoming issues.

You can also find the complete dress code definitions available on the ECTA homepage Opens external link in new windowwww.ECTA.de.

We do strongly encourage all clubs and dancers organizing any dance events to announce the required dress codes – it will help all dancers to know what is appropriate for
that dance.

Happy dancing,


ECTA President

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