European Association
of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

Friendship is Square Dancing's greatest reward



Where to send what?

The fast electronic communication makes the work within the board much easier, especially when the wrong person was addressed. Nevertheless many things could be handled much faster if you were to approach the right person in the first place: 

  • Articles / letters from readers: to the Bulletin Editor
    editor (at) eaasdc.eu
  • Order of bulletins and changes in the Bulletin subscriptions to Bulletin-Administrator
    bulletin.admin (at) eaasdc.eu
  • Application for EAASDC membership as preliminary or regular member to the Secretary
    secretary (at) eaasdc.eu
  • Changes of club data like addresses, dance times, telephone, also email and web addresses to the Secretary
    secretary (at) eaasdc.eu

    The secretary keeps the club database updated which is used to prepare the directory and the search option on the internet.
  • Calendar entries (with GEMA-form) and changes to them to Event Registration
    gema.events (at) eaasdc.eu
      He will pass on the calendar to the editor for the bulletin and to the webmaster for the internet.
  • Events in Germany: Musikfolgeliste via mail to mfl (at) eaasdc.eu
  • Download MFL: Covering page (1 page), when the playlist is attatched - 4 pages to fill in the playlist
    Postal address for MFL as documents:
    EAASDC e.V. - MFL
    Michael Gaetcke
    Kreuznacherstr. 7
    55568 Staudernheim
  • Advertisements / Flyer for publication in the bulletin to Bulletin Editor
      editor (at) eaasdc.eu
      He administers the orders, publishes for the bulletin and sends it to Event Registration for the internet calendar. 
  • Flyers / links for the calendar at the eaasdc.eu homepage without an advertisement in the bulletin: to GEMA & Events
      gema.events (at) eaasdc.eu
  • Friendship Books(see rules here)  to the Support for Members
      support4members (at) eaasdc.eu