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EAASDC-Bulletin September 2011


Two callers in Kaliningrad (Russia)

Gertraud Walz, Deutsch Russische Square Dance Freunde e.V.

An invitation to Deutsch Russische Square Dance Freunde by the leader of German Russian House in Kaliningrad (former Prussen Koenigsberg) was a challenge for Eberhard and his crew of angels: Magdalene Aichhammer, Helga and Robert Latsch, Rosemarie Meyer and Josef Nagel, Monika and Friedhelm Vieth, and the pioneers Karin and Ernst Schott. All of them are members in the club of DRSDF.

They started in Dusseldorf and in Munich by plane via Riga. Caller Lothar Weidich and his wife decided to join in and to follow by car. The square dance seminar was an adventure for the callers and for all of the participants. There were a lot of dancers, about 5-6 squares every day, but there came always new people every day. So Lothar was calling very creatively for the newcomers outside in the garden and Eberhard taught those beginners who took part continuously. Both callers succeeded inspiring all dancers together for square dance on an easy level at the end of the day. Lothar finished the seminar with enthusiasm on the second weekend, because Eberhard and the angels had to leave for the benefit special dance in Bergheim.

To all friends who supported this new square dance project in Russia at own expenses, to all of you for your engagement to spend time and energy - a big Thank you!

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