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EAASDC-Bulletin September 2011

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How to pack petticoats

Unknown Origin.

One of the Square Dance clothes store owners told me that she packs her petticoats by putting them in plastic bags and then sucking all the air out of them with her vacuum cleaner. She says it doesn't hurt the petticoats one bit and they fluff out just fine when unpacked. Well, out of curiosity, we tried it last night.

Whoa, a 60-yard crystal petticoat crunched down to a ball around 8 inches in diameter. Definitely a space saver when travelling. And it seemed fine when we let the air back in, but we only had it crunched for a few minutes. I did not know what it would look like after being crunched for 3 weeks.

Anybody else out there ever tried this? ..

We now tried since years. When you get to a convention dance etc. and you unpack them, hang them in the bathroom near the shower/tub, draw a hot tub of water and then go out to eat. (Wrinkle removing time).

Next question: how do you re-pack them all? Answer: Borrow the hotels vacuum from a cleaning person.

Google for “vacuum plastic bags” if your local store does not offer.

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