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EAASDC-Bulletin September 2011


Contra Dance in Elbtalaue

Ulla Stern, 31191 Algermissen

Since January 2011 we dance once in the month Contra Dance in 19309 Breetz in Brandenburg. The Slogan is “Fitness through dancing.” This was initiated by Ulla and Jürgen Stern. They had bought an old farmhouse with cowshed, which they have turned into a dancing hall. It is now used for Square Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, Contra Dancing and all kind of dancing, but is also offered to groups.

Since January 2011 we have had 6 dance sessions already. We meet once in a month, always on a Saturday from 14.30 h to 17.00 h. Until the coffee break we usually learn 5 dances. The coffee break gives us a little rest, but also the occasion for a little chat. After the break we repeat what we have learnt.

In April we had a dance with live-music. 12 musicians were playing for us. The Open Dance event hat already taken place for 5 times. It has been the result of a musician’s workshop that takes place since 2007 once a year. In 2006 Ulla had been asked by the musicians to organize this, because playing music for a concert and playing for dancing is a total different thing.

Further information: Opens external link in new windowwww.breetz-prignitz.de

The next music work shop will take place from Friday 23rd of March to Sunday 25th of March 2012. We have an additional workshop for fiddlers with Sheena Sturrock from Scotland.

Here is a Contra-Dance Choreography from Ulla’s Treasure

“Great Dances for Small Groups”:

The Coal Miner’s Joy, 3(6) x 32 bars, Contra Dance proper for 3 couples:

I. Phrasebars 01-04 all 3 couples dance forward 4 steps and back 4 steps
bars 05-08 all turn partners right hand round once.
(Couples 1 and 2 finish ready to dance a right hand star)
II. Phrasebars 09-12 couples 1 and 2 dance a right hand star
 bars 13-16 couples 2 and 3 dance a left hand star
 (while couple 1 is waiting facing down, ready to dance a DOSADO)
III. Phrasebars 17-20 couples 1 and 2 (melt into) a DOSADO
bars 21-24 couples 1 and 2 (having joined nearer hands with their partners)
VEER left 4 steps and VEER right 4 steps, to finish back to back, facing up or down the dance.
IV. PhasePhase bars 25-28 couples 1 and 3 dance SEE SAW (left shoulder DOSADO)
bars 29-32 couples 1 and 3 VEER right and left.

All 3 couples finish facing their partners.
The dance is repeated 2x, every time with a new couple at the top.

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