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EAASDC-Bulletin September 2011


To all our student callers

Heike King, Village Gold Bears e. V.

Heiner Fischle's dictionary defines the entry "Caller(s) from the floor" as follows:

"At some events the callers present as guests will have the opportunity to call a tip. ….."

I myself have been allowed to enjoy this offer many times since the beginning of my life as a caller in 2002.

Only too well do I remember the times when the flyers said "Callers from the floor". I was so nervous that I could not get the needle on the record, let alone remember who started dancing with whom. It made a difference whether to stand in front of one's own club mates or on a stage at a special dance.

Where do the new callers come from, when we hear them too seldom? I consider this part of the program to be very important. This is the only way "new voices" can be heard.

To all our student callers: Have the courage and enjoy presenting yourselves at "Callers from the floor". Snap at the chance offered to you and get out on stage.

I would like to support you. Will we see each other at the "Kräuterfest"?

Transl.: Helmut Reitz

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