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of American Square Dancing Clubs e.V.

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Guidelines for Special Dances and Charter Dances

I. Definitions

1. A Special Dance is a dancing event

a)  either hosted by a member association outside their regular club night and open to all Square dancers or

b)  advertised in public by means of flyers or something similar which takes place on any date including the regular club night.

Other special events hosted by a member association with no general advertising, which in individual cases are open to members of other clubs (such as visiting clubs abroad, multiple-country-tours or special tours for specific reasons) are not Special Dances (but still require GEMA coverage).

2. A Charter Dance is a Special Dance to which this status has been attributed on application by a member club.

The status as Charter Dance protects the name or motto chosen against use by other clubs (except for names characterising only a day or season like 1st of May, Spring, Advent). No further rights are related with a Charter Dance.

II. Rules

1. Special Dances are to be submitted to the responsible member of the EAASDC Board for registration in the EAASDC List of Events on a special form (obtainable from the EAASDC Board) together with a copy of the transfer voucher for the GEMA fees in the case of events in Germany.

2. The application can be made up to 24 months before the event. An application for an event in Germany without proof of payment for the GEMA fees is deemed void.

3. Special Dances are organised by the member associations who have sole responsibility for them.

4. On the days reserved for the Fall Round Up and the Spring Jamboree, as well as for the Student Jamboree and the European Convention, no Special Dances are allowed. On the days reserved for the Round Dance Festival, no other event offering Round Dance is allowed.

5. Special Dances only can be carried out after their registration in the EAASDC List of Events.

6. Special Dances may be held on any day of the week.

7. The Board Members of the EAASDC and ECTA and their escort have free admission to all Special and Charter Dances.

III. Charter Dance Status and Registration

1. No member club is entitled to have more than one Charter Dance.

2. A prerequisite for recognition as a Charter Dance is that the dance has been hosted by the same member club as a Special Dance, under the same name and motto, at least 5 times within 10 years or has followed a specific timeframe (e.g. years with even numbers or each 29th February).

3. The application has to be directed to the President.

4. The President maintains a register of Charter Dances.