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Information on the


Board Elections 2021


Iris Dünnwald, Günter Eberhard, Marcus Igla

EAASDC Election committee

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Dear members of EAASDC

we, the election committee, would like to inform you about the most recent state of planning for the EAASDC board elections 2021. Based on the Statutes, By-Laws, Election Policy and Voting Policy we hereby provide information regarding the EAASDC Board Election 2021.

Voting Method

During the voting period from September 20th through October 2020 the EAASDC Membership voted on the election method – Individual election or block election. The voting method “Individual election” has been selected.

Since the existing Corona-situation prohibits a membership meeting as a face-to-face event for the foreseeable future, voting committee and board have decided on postal election or internet election.

The encryption of data transfer and data base makes sure that the prerequisites for a  secret ballot are fulfilled. Postal election will follow the same procedures as in political  elections. The  election  committee will know which club has voted, but not for whom the club has voted.

The Election Policy art. IV.A stipulates that the Election Meeting elects per individual voting the Board – consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and at most 5 assessors (Members at Large, MaL) for specified tasks.

Upon completion of all votes the candidates are asked individually in written form, if they accept their election.

Votes are cast in case of just one candidate by yes/no vote, in case of several candidates by marking the name of the candidate on the voting form. According to the Voting Policy the vote is valid if at least 30% of the eligible voters have cast their votes.

A candidate is elected, if he/she obtains the simple (absolute) majority of the valid votes cast.
If this majority is not achieved in the first round of voting, there will be a second round of voting.
If several people are up for election for one office, there will be a second round of voting between those two candidates who obtained the most votes in the first round of voting and the relative majority of the valid votes cast will decide. In case of another tie, decision will be made by lot (Election Policy IV.C 2.1).
If only one person is up for election for a round of voting that is decided by the relative majority of the valid votes, the candidate has to achieve at least 15% of the valid affirmative votes. In case he/she does not overcome this hurdle,  candidacy for this office may be opened again (Election Policy I.5.).


Candidacies are to be submitted to the Election Committee. The regulations published here are to be met.
On principle, an informal candidacy is possible. To support this, we will shortly publish a form on the EAASDC website.

Candidacies to be submitted to: wahl(at)eaasdc.eu
This address is active now.

Candidacies may be submitted to the Election Committee until March 13, 2021 by email or normal mail.
 Before the actual voting period (and the sending out of voting forms) the candidates are presented on the homepage  and in the Bulletin.
This way, each candidate will have the possibility to present his/her targets. Any other active electoral propaganda is prohibited and will lead to the exclusion of the candidate (Election Policy III.C 4.).


At the time of their election resp. nomination and during their complete term of office, all Board members must be members in a regular EAASDC member club. They have to take care not to neglect or even damage their Board office in the EAASDC by holding an office in other clubs.

For their office, candidates should have the required time, dedication and ability to work in a team and must have full legal capacity. A careful and results-oriented approach to work is assumed, special knowledge for the office they run for is desirable. Considering the Association's European orientation basic knowledge of English is an advantage. PC skills are required for each Board office. Internet access and availability via e-mail and telephone is required for each Board office.

The President determines allocation and distribution of the assessors' area of responsibilities and tasks. They depend on the respective requirements and business setting of EAASDC.

As guidance for candidates, in particular, for the position as assessor, the Election Committee publishes here a job description with the respective tasks at the time of the publication of this election appeal and published in the EAASDC publications.

Board Offices

As of today (as published on the website at www.EAASDC.eu on 30.08.2020) the tasks of the individual Board offices could look like this:


  • Management of the entire board
  • Lead the entire organization regarding strategic planning and orientation
  • Contacts to other national and international Square Dance organizations
  • Collaboration with GEMA
  • Contact for control committees and, if applicable, other committees and commissions according to responsibility and task
  • Contact for Jamboree Committees
  • Monitor and update Statutes and By-laws

Vice President:

  • Substitute for and support of the President in internal affairs as required and in consultation with the President
  • Control and coordination of internal processes and co-operation of the different functions after consultation with the President
  • Support of the departments as required and in consultation with the President and the department heads


  • Monitor and control the financial standing
  • Establish and supervise the annual budget
  • Responsible for all financial matters of the Association ensuring the basic principles of commerce and accounting
  • Prepare the annual financial statements
  • Monitor fiscal basics of the German Tax Code regarding all financial matters of the Association and draw up/maintain relevant instructions and policies
  • Establish and keep appropriated accounts and establish/maintain a plan of accounts
  • Win sponsors and supporting members
  • Contact for the tax and finance Committees


  • Receive applications for membership and give support until regular member-ship
  • Central registration and maintenance of membership data, decisions, minutes, correspondence, forms, etc. using EDP
  • Template management
  • Inventory list (after consultation with the Treasurer)
  • General secretarial duties
  • Archiving
  • Editing the Directory

Member at Large (MaL / assessor): Support for members:

  • Contact for membership issues
  • Support and assistance for members
  • Responsible for the execution of member-related tasks of the Board
  • Represent membership issues towards the Board
  • Friendship badges
  • Address labels

MaL Public Relations

  • Develop, and support of the EAASDC dance forms and groups after consultation with the entire Board and the member clubs
  • Advertising and public relations of EAASDC, contact for member clubs for this sector
  • Create and implement marketing projects for the EAASDC and member clubs after consultation with the entire Board and the member clubs

    Dance forms: Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra

MaL IT Service:

  • Electronic support for all departments
  • Central electronic administration after consultation with the functional de-partments
  • Maintain modern forms of communication internally and externally such as internet presence (closed areas, forums, chats, telephone conferences, etc.)
  • Implement electronic voting forms
  • Contact for the IT Technique Committee and various IT-related committees e.g. Webmaster etc.
  • Administration and protection of the EAASDC server

Holding the election

Unfortunately, the election cannot take place as we are used to and as it was also described in the bulletin, since a general meeting as a face-to-face event was made impossible by the corona pandemic.

The board and the electoral committee have agreed that postal votes and internet voting will be used as voting methods. The postal vote will run like it is known from other elections (state parliament etc.). The internet voting will take place via the portal on which the remaining votes will also run. The choice is completely separated from the other votes, so that data security and protection is guaranteed. Those clubs that have "Post" or "E-Mail" voting will receive a voting letter. Here we would like to call on all clubs to reconsider whether it is not possible to switch to the “Internet” voting method. Please inform the Secretary of this.

The end of the application period was set  for  March 13th, 2021.

The Election Committee may appoint election assistants to support them (Election Policy II.B.8) to be able to swiftly complete the elections.

So far, we have received two applications for MaL!

Please note that according to the BGB (German laws), the association must be represented. According to our statutes, the representatives in the sense of §26 BGB are the president, the vice-president and the treasurer;

We would also like to point out that the following positions on the board have to be filled, as the current office holders are not available for re-election.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • 3 MaLs

We will provide further details on the technical implementation of the election and the dates by newsletter in March.

If you have any questions or require clarifications please do not hesitate to contact the Election Committee at wahl(at)eaasdc.eu.

Election Committee: Iris Dünnwald, Günter Eberhard, Marcus Igla


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