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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2011


Petticoats for Russia
Traudel Walz, DRSDFreunde e.V.

There are two new square dance groups in Russia, growing very fast since summertime: in Kaliningrad (former German Koenigsberg) and in Moscow.

About 30 square dance beginners have been training in one of the lovely parks in Kaliningrad every Sunday morning the whole summer long. They have got now a training room in German Russian House.

Their leader Olga is learning the figures together with her students, because she isn’t graduated yet. But she is enthusiastic about square dancing. They are studying singing calls to demonstrate square dance on the stage and in TV. But there’s a problem, they have got only three petticoats.

In Moscow they have got the same problem. A young lady, Alsu, is teaching the figures for 14 or 16 beginners. They would like to show square dancing to other people in the German Russian House, but they have got only two petticoats.

In each group the ladies rotate, using the petticoats. So that everyone can enjoy the feeling of wearing such lovely clothing.

But very soon all of them will become dressed very well. When we asked here in Germany, we couldn’t get quickly any petticoat. But when we wrote to our dear  friend Betsy Waite in Texas, she asked her friends and she has got a lot of petticoats in a short time. The square dance friends in United States are very generous. It’s like Christmas in advance.

Many thanks to all donators.

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