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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2011

Kenny Reese

Obituary for Kenny Reese

In the fall of 1977 the Darmstompers were searching for a new club caller. The members decided for a young American who had just started to call. He was a soldier with the Air Force at Frankfurt Air Base and his name was Kenny Reese. On the first Monday in October 1977 he called the first time as club caller. At this time the club had about 40 members and danced only mainstream. Together with Kenny we reached at 254 the highest number of Darmstompers in the 90s. And since then we also dance Plus, A1, A2, Round Dance and Clogging – most of it on Kenny’s own initiative or at least with his great support.

The Darmstompers without Kenny – unthinkable! Kenny was always part of it!

You can count the number of club or class nights he missed in all these years because of illness on one hand. Kenny was a regular participant at our board meetings and let us know his opinion about things and gave us precious help. We will miss that.

In 34 years he called all of our special dances, including the Frankenstein Castle Dances, Jamborees, Student parties and so on. Kenny was always part of it! In more than three decades we had many wonderful club travels, domestic or in other countries, we had countless campouts and grill parties. Kenny was always part of it!

Now we have to continue without Kenny. Square Dance and the Square Dancers were Kenny’s life.

He just loved Square Dance and all of us! All his life!

Dear Kenny, your name is inseparably attached to our club’s name – and always will be! We will never forget you.

Your Darmstompers

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