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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2011

Kenny Reese

Obituary for Kenny Reese
Judith Nemeth, Vorstand der Beaux & Belles SDC e.V.

Dear dancers,

There is a lot you can tell about Kenny Reese, who has been club caller of the Beaux & Belles since 1984: how entertaining he was, what attraction he had on dancers, how many young callers took him as an idol and how he has helped them in their beginning careers, how precious and appreciated he was in his two clubs – the Beaux & Belles and the Darmstompers – an in the whole square dance activity and so on.

What is more important: He was a human being. Principled, with good and bad attitudes, amenities and flaws, with a healthy ego, but always grounded to the floor. He was not perfect, but he was cherished. He was always friendly but he could also be very determined. He was a teacher, but also tolerant towards people’s failures. He enjoyed his work and the activity square dance, but he also enjoyed his breaks.

Only a few persons have known your private personality, Kenny, but you have been a part of our lives for such a long time so that it feels like the loss of a family member.

We miss you, we mourn you – as a club, as dancers, but most important: As human beings.

The Beaux & Belles

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