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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2011


Kenny's Clowns

Anne-Katrin Krogmann,
Beaux & Belles SDC e.V., Frankfurt am Main

After learning a great deal about the preacher himself at Kenny's funeral yesterday (The preacher had a three-tier wedding cake because it took him three attempts for a successful marriage, which is something everybody ought to know, isn't it? And being a gardener is a great profession if you are really dedicated to it – you can't argue against that, can you? And the preacher's wife is usually not able to appreciate country music, but with Kenny she would make an exception…) I would like here to say a few words about Kenny myself. Not that I'm an expert, far too short is the time Andreas and I have been with the Beaux and Belles – most of you have known Kenny much longer. You lucky devils.

We have only been Kenny's clowns for a few years. And I remember very well that I took the yellow badge from his hand rather hesitantly. Me, somebody's clown? No way. If I had known…

Kenny was the CALLER (at that time I translated that word for myself – Kenny was “the voice calling me”). And how he called; when he called I wanted to dance. I remember various special dances with different callers, Kenny among them. And when his voice was heard you would drop the sausage with mustard you were just about to eat and hurry to the dance floor.

Kenny's voice was like coming home.

Kenny was watchful and warm-hearted and looked after his "flock". He did not act like a prima donna; I do remember an incident when we had just been graduated and would certainly make almost any square break down. Sometime during that Friday night I was so frustrated that I actually stomped out of the hall crying. It did not take a minute for Kenny to follow me.  And he found the words to make me laugh again and – with new courage – to make me break down the next square.

Kenny was so cheerful and always in a good mood. How many times did he watch the squares wondering and then saying with a grin: "That’s not actually what I called, but it is also very nice!" (Unfortunately I can't imitate his unique dialect, but just imagine it when reading this.)

Oh Kenny. How we would still like to be your clowns. But you will remain in our hearts; I mean isn't it obvious that a "Spin the Top" is followed by a "Courtesy Turn"? [Tranlator's note: The writer may have mixed up 'Court. Turn' with 'Right and Left Thru']

Nevertheless we will always miss you.

Yesterday the preacher also posed the question: "May we even say that Kenny was a charismatic person? I do not know, but he definitely was a nice guy..."

If it had not been such a sad occasion I might have burst out laughing. Was Kenny a charismatic person? He certainly was! He attracted people like the light attracts the moths…

But Kenny does not call any more. Instead he has followed another call. And here the preacher at his funeral spoke the truth when quoting Isaiah 43: "Fear not, for I have redeemed thee, and called thee by thy name: thou art mine."

Thus he is preceding us. And we would like to add in our own words:

"Father, you have called for Kenny. Have fun with him!"

Translation: Helmut Reitz

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