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EAASDC-Bulletin November 2011

ECTA Board

ECTA Round Dance Coordinator
Angelika & Jochen Grob
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ECTA Dress Code

Hello everybody

As you may have noticed from the last two editions of the Bulletin: the Councils have thought about the Dress Code. We want you to feel comfortable while dancing. No-one should give you strange looks and you should not feel “overdressed”.

Not only are the Cloggers a little different, but the Round Dancers also differ from the Square Dancers. Sometimes, we need to get really close to our partner, then the wide petticoat may get in the way. Of course, the ladies are correctly dressed with this petticoat every time and everywhere, but they may well do without it.

We agreed on 2 levels for the Round Dance Dress Code:


  • for gentlemen: long trousers (preferably dress pants), long-sleeved shirt
  • for ladies: skirt with petticoat or longer skirt (prairie skirt), at least covering the knees, blouse or T-shirt (shoulders covered)

Ladies who are dancing the man’s part are allowed to wear long trousers and long-sleeved shirts.

This style is meant for a mixed programme with the other dance forms, for example a Jamboree or other events with a mixed programme. Furthermore, you are correctly dressed like this for the festive evening programme of the Round Dance Festival.


  • for gentlemen: long trousers (Jeans are OK), short-sleeved shirts or Polo-shirts (emphatically no T-shirts)
  • for ladies: skirts and blouse / T-shirt (shoulders covered).

This category is for Round Dance events and workshops, and for the day programme of the Round Dance Festival.

The general rule: more is always possible, less - not really. This dress code is only a guideline, but little rules help with togetherness. It would be great if the hosts make a note on the flyer which level of the dress code they would wish for which section of the programme.

Now that this topic is solved, we can concentrate on the essentials: dance together, have fun and enjoy the music!

Round greetings
Angela and Jochen Grob
ECTA Round Dance Coordinator

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